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Ideas for a new ca Not those other ca Im talking about a new game

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  • Ideas for a new ca Not those other ca Im talking about a new game

    1. unreal engine
    2. slide mechanic
    3. Drop barrels mechanic
    4. skins for every weapon
    5. skills
    6. New crates mechanic like a crate with some card who can u choice and get some common item to legendary
    7. dlcs
    8. new maps
    9. more gamemodes
    10. reset level and get new items and get new levels SUPER SOLDIER with new icons for ur level like cod ur CIC 5 And u will go to ur profile and it will reset ur level and when ur SUPER SOLDIER 10 u will get new levels to 120
    11. new items with rarity SPECIAL
    12. an playground to open the mystery boxes and other things
    13. an Misions who will give u crates and special crates
    14. new events and items
    15. see good the anti cheat and fix it
    16. destructive physics
    17. new maps for fireteam with bosses
    18. the new weapons have new physics like a weapon green legendary or epic with corrosive damage or new mechanics for the weapon
    19. Do not do the game totally pay to win lol is ****ing boring so
    20. EVENTS open an map with enemies to kill and get metals or aleatory free items
    21. open super soldier mode
    22. name for the game Combat Arms Remastered
    23. and an history mode

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      This would have been great 10 years ago, but I don't see any of these options returning to CA anytime soon, though I agree that super soldier should return.