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  • Hacking - Thor_HR

    **Game Client:** Reloaded

    **Map:** City of Wings

    **Date/Time:** 03/06/2021 10:07

    **Player name:** Thor_HR

    **Offence:** Hacking

    **Details:** Thor_HR - is another player who has been using hack for a long time (Lvl 45), his hack is aiming or aimbot, he uses the "Parafal Souza" and the Sniper with this hack, in the video you can clearly show the direction of the shots, all are without margin of error, with 0 recoil and instantaneous, if you review the video in detail, you will see that he can kill with only the first shot, it is also clearly noted that he is a player without movement, a static player as a starting player, slow, but with perfect shots taking advantage of the aiming hack that it carries, it has several complaints in all the roms, with this hack you can kill any adversary with legendary suits without problem, Valofe should review this account and Ban it Permanently, I include a video in HD on Vip Scort; it can't be possible for these hackers to keep coming into the game, and hurting legal players.


    **My IGN:** elGatoXKiller

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