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vtougen HACKER- Video Report

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  • vtougen HACKER- Video Report

    **Game Client:** Reloaded

    **Map:** Bloodbath Bazaar

    **Date/Time:** 03/12/2021 12:25

    **Player name:** vtougen

    **Offence:** Hacking

    **Details:** if this is not hack, can someone explain what it is? - A compendium of vtougen, weapon changes with automatic firing, automatic sniper fires 2 shots in one click, kills a player with a pistol behind a wall? weapon changes with watering and instant shooting? - I wait for a response from a GM, because to the other players in the observer mode, I never see this kind of thing, I have already reported this account in the forum, I hope you take action.

    Someone on the forum who responds to me to corroborate this type of automatic shooting, it is incredible that players who use this kind of cheats continue to play quietly.


    **My IGN:** elGatoXKiller

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