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    100k players.... so solution is and army of 100 players make 1000 accounts each and vote yes.....EZ


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      "What do you want?? Reloaded or Old version?" The most voted one will become the official version of Valofe's Combat Arms


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        should be first thing on homepage, to be able to see


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          Originally posted by OverConfidence View Post

          hater gonna hate
          Because I disagree with your opinion I am a hater???



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            Originally posted by CaptainSting View Post

            Because I disagree with your opinion I am a hater???

            No, it's your choice ^^ But reloaded .. to be more or less acceptable, there are plenty of things to do.

            _ We can change weapons, go to the shop, change options ... etc without leaving the room

            _Bring back specialist

            _Bring back emporium and daily job

            _Bring back all the map(for all modes) and modes removed

            _Change weapons specs to be only for specs

            _Bring back the name of room

            _Remove MM (it's like the quick join before reloaded ..) or add an option that allows to play in a group with his friends as in the game AVA for example

            _ Bring back the "Nut Shot" but making sure that it does not "One Shot" but that it does as much damage as an ordinary shot in the arms or legs for example

            _Bring back the Hisec cases / black Hisec cases

            _Bring back the servers as before (GLOBAL, NA, EU ...)

            _Bring back old event like 5 shot case ... etc

            _Bring back the old xp for Fireteam

            _Bring back or change the Rank Reward as they were before (professional, veteran, elite, champion)

            _Bring back xp and gp pass

            I think I have not forgotten anything
            The weapon does not make the player


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              Originally posted by Ge1e2 View Post
              There are no 100k players left to meet the pool.