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Create Character Issue !!!

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  • Create Character Issue !!!

    Hey everyone,

    we are collecting player who are still struggeling with the create character issue while the transfer status page says that you've successfully transferred.

    To all player with affected accounts:
    Please send a PRIVATE MESSAGE here in forums (I linked the forum accounts in the sheet) or DM (Discord accounts are shared in the sheet too) the moderators on Discord server with your VALOFE ID to:
    Name Discord Forum
    Wariel Wariel#6868 Wariel
    lRogue Rogue#7182 lRogue
    Brotkrumen Steph#0557 aka [DE] Brotkrumen Brotkrumen
    AveBeli Beli#2534 aka Leka AveBeli
    GokuBlackzZ LimitBreakerGoku#4092 aka [TR][NL] LimitBreakerGoku GokuBlackzZ
    If you are reading this and know player who have this problem but they aren't using forums or discord, let them know to contact us.

    We want help you, so we need your help too. Please contact us.
    Thanks a lot.
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