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    I just need the old Rpg´s/Mine damage and the true old graphics, not that "classic" graphic after CA: Re release, aside all the fix needed since years.
    “Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity.”


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      Originally posted by MrHaze View Post
      Community manager/Head GM:

      Has to be a person with at least 3k hours spent in the game, someone who knows each corner of this game, each and every little bug, glitch, tip and trick. Someone who truly understands what this community needs, and has answers to all questions related to Combat Arms history, present and future. We don't need another robot in a row, a person who will blindly execute all orders coming from "above"

      This is a very delicate matter for us veterans, for the players who have invested thousands and thousands of hours, euros and nerve cells in this game. So, please, choose wisely and do not rush your decisions. You cannot fool us anymore but be sure that you can easily lose us "again"
      We have vCryonize (The survey βitch who made all the surveys and runs the facebook) is he close enough? He has played the game for a whole 3 weeks!1!!11!!


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        I remember the name haze from 2011. Could it be?