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    Originally posted by medchouat View Post

    Actually there is. and rares items should stay rare imo. and that gap kept the game alive I hope valofe won't make the same mistake twice.
    Oh really? Are you willing to actually go and fund this game now? That would be amazing, you keep it alive, so the other freebies continue to suck on that and play. You know, I also support the P2W option of this game, if you look at Combat Arms Brazil, each and every update releases some fun stuff to pay for, I think VALOFE needs to look it up and take a lesson. When I look at Combat Arms Brazil though, nobody complains about P2W, they continue to play and the game offers great events to obtain the MYST-Weapon cases, 5-Shot event weapons and more for those who can't pay for this game. But that free to play model that we have right now makes everything obtainable with GP, so yeah, this game is destined to die for sure. Look what happened to Combat Arms Korea, it was shut down completely. Why? Because there are no profits, nobody wants to pay, the company loses money and shuts down. Simple. These people won't understand though, they want to get gifted each and every time and do nothing in return to support this company. This is what happening right now. People rather ragequit and stop playing, because the game somehow 'forced' them to pay for certain items, or these 'overpowered pay to win items' have destroyed the game. So if you talk about the separation between GP and GC, you once again create this gap between pay to win and free to play.

    Again, some of the rares are not even worth keeping in that box, SOPMOD is one example, performs the same way as the normal M4A1, go to the shooting range and do a few spread tests, no major improvement, so giving that package away is like giving a normal M4A1 just with a pre-attached scope and 'high quality silencer'. MK18 MOD - that 'rare' version of it only has 6 point increase in damage, same spread, same terrible recoil pattern, but 6 more damage. This is what makes it rare? Spas-12 Stock Gold - also a completely identical stat weapon compared to normal Spas, heck, even the normal and gold nx standard variants got increased range over that, so here you go.

    Special items should return, but be used by any character in the game, there should be no special benefits of having this 'special' character to get it. Since those are RARE mercs, I guess it makes sense to keep those weapons to be obtainable and usable by all. Rank restrictions need to be applied in any case, I can't bear to think how many low levels are going to spam these along with those who would actually work for their ranks and unlock these items.

    In conclusion - return the rank item restriction, re-add those spec weapons, give them a rank restriction as well, return the weapon restriction option which allows us to disable 3 weapons. Add some event exclusive items that we would WANT to pay for and leave the GP option there as well, so both sides can benefit. This christmas event has offered absolutely no new items being added to the shop, we are left with a 'Warzone 3', which is endless lag for those who are not coming from Australia.
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      I'm going to sell back whatever package we get. I already have good weapons.


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        Originally posted by Foofoo14 View Post
        I'm going to sell back whatever package we get. I already have good weapons.
        Ill do the same. I got the same weapons already.
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