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    Hello Soldiers i'm an old school combat arms player we already know the classic is waaaaay better then reloaded i'm happy that they're bringing it back if the vote wins which i know it will knowing how much people love the classic anyways i have some questions. Once the classic comes back what will happen to my perma elite that i owned before reloaded jumped in and deleted it. Will i get that back somehow i mean i did pay money for that. I hope valofe will send me a new 1 in the inbox or something since thats not fair if you ask me. Also when they say classic back do they mean the classic classic like Specialist Old Store Bubba Shop, Combat Dice, Will they Unerf my Dual Skorpions I want the 750 Fire Rate back not 410 feels so akward now and don't forget op weapons that was heavily nerfed.

    I hope when they say classic they mean CLASSIC CLASSIC Old CA Players know what i'm talking about
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    for me classic ca is like 2012/2013 idk
    Oh btw nexon compensated for the elite you bought with nx with a coupon and a perm cosmetic if I recall exactly.. So I think they will make it as a reward for maj2 or higher and give it to players who reached that rank and above... Valofe has nothing to do with nexon...


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      Everyone has there own image of what "Classic CA" is.
      And you bought your Elite From Nexon and they compensated you for it Valofe has no part of that purchase
      Edit: it is up to them if they want to give it back or not


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        Well I guess I'll have to buy it again.