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That time when you spawned under the map

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  • That time when you spawned under the map

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    I still remember this lmfaoo


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      Oh Man, makes me want to dig into old archives. I have a ton of this stuff. I remember first time I spawned inside the Bravo Tank in Junk Flea. Jeesh' that was like in 2009. lol "She-aut*' I'm stuck inside a tank and out of nades. Someone come kill me" HAHAHAHA. or spawning and dropping from the ceiling in Sector 25. For a time that one, and people started "Hold Directional" as spawn and as they fell' could get into an uncovered vent up high and would just pick people off. Or the first SnowBall mode? I finally tried it and people were just facing walls and shooting and i didn't know why until someone told me. i admit i tried it just to see what the heck was going on but after I died and saw I got a lot of points for it? I was already bored. So I made a mission to kill those facing walls. HAHA I never played for my "Points" or to gain some kind of fake status. When we run into each other around a corner and scare the shit out of each other in a " Dance of lead flinging, nade dropping' melee slinging" action all a while laughing ? < Is Combat Arms. Because after all? Die'ing with the look of Fear on ones face; is all too over rated and over exploited. SMILE! JawsCo.
      Last edited by JawsCompany; 01-02-2018, 05:25 AM. Reason: matter a fact, i'm now thinking i need download my CA Archives to a cloud server or something for easy sharing? Jeesh. I'm too old for this stuff. I dont like YT. its not a secure file save, and no