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  • Is anybody in??

    Is any one able to play and had a successful transfer of their nexon account?

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    Yes, me. My first account. I have two more accounts for my friends, but in here; it says: "Your Combat Arms data has NOT been transferred yet." So I guess I have to wait on those accounts. But my main was successfully transferred, without any issue.


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      They also making it by zones. So if you got some error with the word "Zone" is because of that and you'll have to wait. BTW, if you log into the game, but you don't see your character, do not make a new one. Don't do anything, just log off and w8 until yhe transfer is complete.


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        i transfered my account but still cant get keeps wanting me to create a new caractor...what do i do now


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          Good for you Malinalli
          My first acct did transfer successfully but still end up with no character. Did not create a new one.
          2nd acct did not transfer successfully.
          Tried to make a brand new valofe acct which looks like it works but when I try to log in the first nexon login box says 'acct doesn't exist or password not valid'. ?
          So I can't even make a new valofe acct that will work (one that I would make a new character for)

          May be I am missing something. Should I download and install the game from the valofe site? I am still using the old Nexon install but it does credit nexon and Valofe


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            For those who have the account "Successfully Transferred" check the account Status. Check for the messege; "Your Combat Arms data has NOT been transferred yet.". If it say so, then you just have to wait. Do not create ANY new character or, any data into the new Valofe's account. Wait until you be able to see your Nexon character into the Valofe's account.
            Also, try to avoid any "hotmail" address, and use any other mail commpany instead, in order to recieve the activation mail correctly.
            I have that message; "Your Combat Arms data has NOT been transferred yet.", with the others accs that I try to transferr. So I guess we just have to wait on those.