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    Lately Valofe has been having issue with players been unable to play thier old Combat Arms accounts in VALOFE. I am one of those players. I have reason to believe that the problem lies in the Valofe account creation system. When we are transfering the character to Valofe we have to create a Valofe account. This is where the problem is. players create a valofe account and are sent a Valofe verification email. The player has to go to thier email and click verification to succesfully create the account to link thier trasnfered character. If The player does not verify the aco**** the account will not link to their transfered character.

    When we create the account, we only have 24 hours to verify the email for account creation. This is very little time. Many people did not verify. Most where becasue they used a Livemail/Hotmail email. For some reason, Hotmail/Livemail is blocking your verification email. Another problem is, is that you can still log in to your Valofe account even if you did not verify the account. This is confusing players because they can log in without issues even if they did not verify their accounts. The problem lies in this little detail.
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