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  • deRank for my please

    One day she made nexon work derank For players ( a f k ) But if you keep their own itmes you can do this to me and look this vedio all this player derank :
    And I want to be like them

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    I can teach
    Been walking on water for some time now


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      Teach What again? How to deceive and neglect moral standards? How to Thief and Take what you want? LOL FunnY ****iNG SHIT MAN ! " I Do Hope ALL Meet their Destiny's Soon or learn to look at themselves. "Clean~UP" on Isle 3" " It's nice when I don't feel like I could have been mad. WhY? Wanting to go after some TUNA*. Not stupid bones stick boi. Ill Love oppertinitys to dispose of "BAIT" !!!! Call me JAWS ! U WILL NOT WIN. COME AT ME ! I LOVE a SNACK! """"""""""""""""""