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Things to add to reloaded to make it better

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  • Things to add to reloaded to make it better

    1. Ghost Hi-sec cases. People want specs back w/ weapons? Well paying is dumb so they get better chances at Hi-sec cases. And they don't even have keys in classic so big whoop.
    2. Maps. Why the crap keep the maps that were removed during the global event locked up? Just add them back.
    3. Accessories and synthesis - there wasn't really a reason to get rid of them. It only makes the game more innovative
    4. Event durations - events usually last like 1 day. Back when this was a nexon game, the other nexon games like maplestory had much longer event periods. Making them longer gives people a better chance at what's there to get.
    5. Quick search matches - its just easy for people who wanna get it done fast.
    6. Options for old control settings. My brother was complaining that it felt different that he used to play and I guess that makes people sensitive about it.

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    if they would give us e mod mini gun meds and abilities we would love this game alot more.keep the new graphix and give us the game as it once was.then this game would be way better than any other game..


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      It has a minigun, just way harder to get (legion)

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    true.i just miss the old ca thats all it was alot more fun back they have classic but all the good stuff requires real money and thats not how it was back the boxes are a joke.just a way to get more of our money with little in return.