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  • Well done

    Well done Valofe
    before Valofe team took over a lot of things were said /wrote ... you are making game a lot better than it was listening to our suggestions and everything ...

    and i thank you for that .. there is just one slightly problem now .. that you guys never mention . .
    which is .. the subject that everyone talks .. but when its time to deal with it ..

    its better just pretend it doesn't exist ... .. and the truth is ... There are more hackers in Combat arms than in Anonymous ....

    its so annoying that they get props for being such a "good players" we all know the hackers are walking side by side with this game ... the list of hacks cheats exploits injectors and bla bla is huge ... you tube even help these noobs how to hack this game ... you probably are going to ban me or delete this post ... so dont turn the blind eye on this matter .. its getting worse .. every day ... good luck in getting id of these fake pirates ...

  • #2
    Do you mean Reloaded or the classic?
    What's your suggestion? Where are your abuse reports of these mentioned hackers?
    I can only advise you to report them accordingly.

    I suspect you are in the wrong section. I will not delete your post but close.