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  • Grading system suggestion

    I managed to return to this game and play for few days already, so I had chance to also look into grading system. Good idea, but bit unstable.
    I do not know how it works in its core, but so as I have nothing better to do on sleepless nights than think about things, I did came up with crude idea how grading system should work (I do kind of work with similar stuff/algorithms in real life).
    As I cant explain my thoughts in controlled manner I will explain it as points in list :

    1) Grading system is based on global number, this number fluctuates based on active players ideally it should active players + their ranks/stats.
    2) if player is new and have no stats he is worth 0 points, so all start as rookies, players with ready accounts have base value based on their kills/deaths/wins/quits etc,
    3) During the game average stats for each team is calculated and coefficient is showed for each team, what basically explains how hard for each team is to rank up, this will encourage players to play with stronger enemies if they want to rise their rank
    4)All this is somewhat similar to ranked matchmaking what was already present in game, but that must be transferred to regular rooms taking into account each command grade as coefficient then more or less based on with physical position player is, his points should be given or taken.
    5) Main idea is that score is global number, if no new players appear, score absolute value do not change, it only changes within players to see who have most of it, if only one player plays, he will have maximum grade, basically all players who play should be ranked from 1 to amount of active players (for example each month if player have joined game once he is taken as counter for next month active player count)
    6) player stats could be converted as follows, in calculation should go following information - exp of player (more experience better initial coefficient), Kills, deaths and Kill death ratio, win/lose ratio. For new games there should be taken coefficient how high was average grade of room at end of match (so if room begins with 8vs8 and ends with 8vs4, team with 8 players will get less points and team with 4 players will get more to their grade especially if player does good.
    For first conversion coefficient may be taken as 1, meaning they played equally up until point grading system is introduced, their coefficient can be little shifted by win/lose ratio and general rank. After initial calculations are done all is done based on average room grading coefficient.

    also there should be leader board what would say in what grade you are, no need to say specific rank, grading may be something like that - top 10 players are legendary, then top 100 are epic, then top 250 are masters, top 500 are experts, top 1000 are advanced, top 2500 are proficient, top 5000 are medium and below that may be rookies, but all of this should be percentage based, meaning that there will always be legendary players and rookies, and for example if one day player was expert and then for some reason all players below his grade no longer play, he will be rookie next month.

    sorry for long text, I hope maybe there may be something useful to take out of my mess
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    I wish if grading system is applied for each map in each mode, instead from each mode only. This will encourage players to play in different maps.

    Currently, players rank up their grade in a specific mode by playing in one or two maps only since they are expert in. This destroy balance and variety.