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  • unlawful kick ban

    i've encountered some unlawfull kicks because i use m32 claymore and "old" spec items. but every game i play i get kicked for using it (mostly quarantaine regen).
    so i suggest a system where all games are recorded by combat arms (also makes more fun for youtube if you have a channel) and so the community can see if a kick was lawfull or not.
    the way it now is is not cool. i get first place and get kicked for spec. also add the possibility for special weapon restriction in quarantaine regen. so kicks will be unnecesary.
    also with this system you might ban people for 1-3-30-90-permanent periods (days).
    think about it and make ca great again.
    ign: LordTyroI

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    Get used to it. A nice elite will tell you they dont want those in the room, and the other type.. well they wait till near end and kick me. Pay for elite yourself.


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      Or rank to Brig. Gen and get it perm like I just did.


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        I agree because these elites nowadays don't even care. I was in a oil rig snipers only match and I was in first place and next thing I knew I was looking at the notice saying that I was kicked from the room. Theres needs to be something, although it may be impossible, that tracks if a kick was right or not.


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          They need to fix alot of important things in the game and, they have a community forums that feels almost like, they're not even checking upon their gamer's who are in need of help or assistant or, who posts something for them.

          Makes me feel like they do not care.
          Been trying to get attention from them. Every Forums i go to has literally no responses. It's like Valofe is either dead or careless of their community.
          It's like --- if it isnt money running in their pockets. It's not their concern so they never reply or post anything new for CA user or any other games.

          Been trying so long to seek attention...


          We can start with other than Bugs that's nearly always but only (In Time) to be fixed. There are more to the game that makes the gamer's have a less Extremely appreciable game-play. In-Game Cheats are constantly used and, rarely anything is to be done about it. Report doesnt work as well, to video a hack or any cheat used takes up your ping by 200-600 which makes the game entirely laggy and, hard to spot a hack due to the constant of every 4 seconds or less it lags. Screen snaps only prove kills. Valofe should make a detectable app that detects flicts of the guns and spread which if inaccurate, then it'll make it easier for them to spot hackers/cheats used. The Aimbot follows players so it's obvious to easily spot hacks if you get such a file that reads and detects certain unusual, suspicious things. Nothing proves of Chams ( being able to see through wall) due to the fact that you could never see anyones screen. If it was possible for a player to be reported of such and, everytime a player is reported (Screen-Snaps) are taken from the account of the gamer who has been reported allowing Valofe Staffing Members to see their screen rather it showed tags or colors. Might be impossible due to people crying about privacy invasion. But however, for the great part of (Hack/Cheat Spying) is to make a file inside CA that reads, records and detects every movement which Aimbots Flicts when used. If possible to make as (Runescape "Jagex" Game Corporation) has made one and, it works pretty fine and, detects how often something is clicked in one spot. Therefore if it was metal-Aimbot (It should shoot in only one location but the bullets will spread always but, there will always be the same point of where the point of the aim is always located. Legit players will be shown in random places. Aimbot users will be in one spot. And, if the hacks was to be remade to aim randomly it'll still popup as in certain spots within a certain number of times, seconds and shots. If Valofe cannot make that happen, they should just create hacks themselves and, sell them as other people do. If they can and, do attempt to create this then, they'll be able to pull a large number of people who desire a real nicely made fair game and, the views, ratings and number of member/users will enlarge. Afterwards they'll make enough to host contests for money allowing every player to join the special events and, it'll help the real bests players be known all over CA. They'll have much relief and they'll be worry-less ------ Take your time to Reply and let me know what ya'll think of that.. Thank you all! -EnChantism.