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unlawful kick ban

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  • unlawful kick ban

    i've encountered some unlawfull kicks because i use m32 claymore and "old" spec items. but every game i play i get kicked for using it (mostly quarantaine regen).
    so i suggest a system where all games are recorded by combat arms (also makes more fun for youtube if you have a channel) and so the community can see if a kick was lawfull or not.
    the way it now is is not cool. i get first place and get kicked for spec. also add the possibility for special weapon restriction in quarantaine regen. so kicks will be unnecesary.
    also with this system you might ban people for 1-3-30-90-permanent periods (days).
    think about it and make ca great again.
    ign: LordTyroI

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    Get used to it. A nice elite will tell you they dont want those in the room, and the other type.. well they wait till near end and kick me. Pay for elite yourself.


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      Or rank to Brig. Gen and get it perm like I just did.


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        I agree because these elites nowadays don't even care. I was in a oil rig snipers only match and I was in first place and next thing I knew I was looking at the notice saying that I was kicked from the room. Theres needs to be something, although it may be impossible, that tracks if a kick was right or not.