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Fix the confederate double barrel (It's not always firing lead when it goes bang.)

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  • Fix the confederate double barrel (It's not always firing lead when it goes bang.)

    Right, started playing again for the first time in a long while. Found out when I got back that half the guns in the shop were free for some reason, but that's not the problem. The problem's that every so often the confederate double barrel fires a blank. By that I mean completely misses whatever I'm pointing it towards at point blank. I had been playing a few games with it for the hell of it (I'm a bit of a sucker for the old forge/replica emporium guns, got most of the others now thanks to the free gun thing.) for the most part it worked just fine. I'm not the best shot on moving targets but I can reliably hose something down medium to close range. ... Then there were the wtf moments where I should have killed that guy since I but both barrels into at point blank. First one wasn't something I usually bother with, the third, fourth and fifth times and onward across different maps and games with different people? yeah that's when I pay attention. So I went to the firing range to check this out on the dummies. Turns out, while it works just fine most of the time, but the Confederate double barrel sometimes fails to actually make projectiles.... somehow. Otherwise I'm not sure how I missed those dummies at point blank and the last time I did it on camera there wasn't any bullet holes behind them either. Fairly certain there's a few times where one or more pellets also don't quite spawn in right too, but I may be off on that bit.

    All I know is that there are times when I pull the trigger and the gunshot goes off but it doesn't damage what I'm pointing at or the thing behind it, and that's not something that should be happening in a shooting(shooter?) game.... Also that a double barrel should be able to repeatedly get a double kill(if not a multi, if you line things up right) with those three red crash test dummies in the firing range. If I'm reviewing the footage I have right I suffered four of those misfires in a five minute period. ... that said they seem to occur more often where they actually matter(in a PVP match) but they shouldn't happen in the first place.