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Change your Anti-Cheat for the good of CA Life!

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  • Change your Anti-Cheat for the good of CA Life!

    Hi, Dear Valofe if you want to continue with Combat Arms and turn Combat Arms alive, please take a time and review your anti-cheat system.

    Because XignCode is not good anti-cheat, cheaters can bypass it! Isn't the best anti-cheat on the market at this moment, that's because players STILL LEAVING the game.

    And they will do it, unless you change your anti-cheat and change it to one better, this is one of reasons because combat arms still losing players and new players go away because of it.

    Of course, you can't get rid of cheaters / hackers, there is still exist i know it, but you can get rid from bad anti-cheat, you can do it better, you can change to one better than you actually use!

    Remember, you can ignore this and keep without do nothing, but remember cheaters ingame is one of reasons to people leave, no one likes to play with cheaters, and you know it and all people know it right? So do something, improve your anti-cheat system. How? Change it!

    You have better anti-cheats on the market, that currently this anti-cheat system's are better than yours.

    And actually you can use also in both sides, with trueplay by Microsoft

    So please do it, if you want to make Combat Arms sucessful again, just improve and do things that Nexon doesn't do!
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    this is extremly true case
    +1 for update


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      +1 +1 +1 +1 +1


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        +1 We need a real anticheat system, XIGNCODE ins't good.


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          While I think XIGNCODE 3 has a lot of partners and will get better over time, I think adding a new anti-cheat will improve Combat Arms.

          The original HackShield didn't do a lot, but after 7 years, no one bothered to make hacks anymore. Right after the switch to XIGNCODE 3, the hackers came back.

          While a new anti-cheat would satisfy players and improve morale, I would want an anti-cheat that was compatible with Linux operating system. Linux is a free operating system and many games can run on Wine, which is a compatibility layer to run Windows titles on Linux. However, many anti-cheat software does not run.

          It appears that BattlEye suggested may run on Linux. I personally think VAC is the best anti-cheat, but I think Valofe would need to license it from Valve.

          I am very much supporting a new anti-cheat.


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            Valofe seems to don't care about the anti-cheat, same thing happens with Nexon! XignCode can be easily bypassed by Skids using public sources to do it, by using another anti-cheat you will increase the way, and it will make stop a lot of skids using public sources methods.

            Valofe needs to change this anti-cheat, isn't good. Actually and to be honest is very easy to cheat without being detected lool.


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              I have been sent to support ticket's this suggestion, and support didn't reply to any of these tickets. So, tell me @vCryonize and @Wariel

              How do you want Combat Arms grow if you don't change the anti-cheat? Of course, all anti-cheats can be bypassed, but there are more harder to do it, is not easy to script kiddies to bypass it.

              Seriously, it makes me think if playing this game still worth it or not, maybe not. Why you don't care about Security? Your publishers never care about the security issues and hacking related.

              You can do better, you can change your anti-cheat for one better than you actually have. Why you simple ignore this? If you don't change your anti-cheat, CA never will comeback as always was, that's the true behind the scenes.

              Consider changing your anti-cheat, if you want to protect the game better and do the game more fair for everyone this questions shouldn't ignored.

              If you are different of Nexon, SHOW THIS TO PEOPLE. HOW? Changing, do better than them. Show this to the people who still believe on this game.

              I don't play this game, for this reason. Is easy to cheat, I can cheat for a long month's without being banned, because this anti-cheat is so easy to bypass and there are a lot of Communities and blogs doing cheats for this game, most of them is free and paid.

              Like I said, do different. Show to people and players you care about the game. Show that, and do that or Combat Arms will still the same even if is VALOFE or not.


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                I remember a Staff member said that Valofe is on conversation with EAC (LevelUp! uses this in CABR and it works so good). I hope it becomes a reality.
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                  CA Brasil already uses Easy Anti Cheat engine


                  • imJIDIC
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                    Yep, but I prefer BattleEye. It's so good.

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                  Originally posted by SoulhunterIT View Post
                  CA Brasil already uses Easy Anti Cheat engine
                  Yes that is true, but always companies doesn't care about their anti-cheat. This anti-cheat is a pure joke LOL. Valofe should replace this anti-cheat for one better. XignCode is one of most easily to bypass. You can read in a lot of forums.


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                    valofe couldnt care less about all the hackers in this game.i believe they encourage it..


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                      What really amazes me is the fact that long time cheaters always get good feedback from other players ... I don't think we will ever see the day that this game becomes hack free .. i am not spending a penny on this game anymore ... knowing that anyone can hack this game very ez ..


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                        You're just wasting time, I've been talking about this problem to NEXON and VALOFE for 10 years, but it seems they are not interested, that's why I left the game 1 year ago ... There are more hackers in this game of whores around ... change the game rather than convince yourself to change the anticheat, do it first ...
                        I have a GOA player level abandoned
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                          Originally posted by kilimany View Post
                          What really amazes me is the fact that long time cheaters always get good feedback from other players ... I don't think we will ever see the day that this game becomes hack free .. i am not spending a penny on this game anymore ... knowing that anyone can hack this game very ez ..
                          this is very true and