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"Fan Patch" From the community for the developers

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  • "Fan Patch" From the community for the developers

    Hello, this is suggestions, wishlist, balance and ideas from veterans players who play the game around 10 years. We strongly believe that those ideas will offer more reasons to play the game and more players will also start playing again the game.
    We hope that the dear developers will use our EXP in the game all those years to make it a better and more fun place
    Thank you all for your time.

    Combat arms Fan patch

    Jobs :

    Now jobs are 12 daily.

    Job 7 : Play 10 games ( all maps mods )

    Job 8 : Kill 300 enemies in Any Fireteam

    job 9 : Play 20 games ( all maps mods)

    job 10: Play the game for 1 hour

    job 11 : play the game for 2 hours

    Reward : x5 200% exp bonus x5 100% gp bonus , 2 epic medals 4 rare medals

    job 12 : play the game for 3 hours

    Reward : 1 legend medal, vip pass 1 day 3 epic medals


    1: kill 10.000 ENEMIES IN FIRETEAM

    2: kill 2.500 Players in PVP

    3: Infect humans or kill zombie 500 people in Quaradine

    4: Reach and X(?) number of Headshots - double kills in PVP

    5: Play 29 - 35 Hours the game


    1: Now the boards are 9 with the bigger 10x10

    2: Now all Common items after board 3 are change to exp/gp bonuses with random % ( 20-300% )

    3: Bullets now do not expires every day but you can save them

    4: Bullets Drop Rate buffed 10%

    5: 10x10 board will offer 90-perm only


    1: Now the event will be for 28 days each month every month

    2: Now the rewards boxes for the winner team only are buffed to 4

    3: Now it will be easier for any team to controle an area

    4: The rewards of each area will Change to 1-2 Epic medals per day


    Changes that we 100% need

    1: a: Items in the exchange shop will change every 7 days

    b: OR players will vote for the items they wish for every new exchange shop, now the time will be reduced to 1 month

    2: Now ALL Functions items are able for buy in the exchange shop EXCEPT premium pass, vip pass and SEM .

    3: All event items for exchange shop will have a discout of 30-40 medals and the days will increase to 21 days for every EVENT exchange shop.
    Also 100 event medals per day will be the Max you can get.

    4: EXP/GP bonuses in the exchange shop with Rare medals 100-800%

    5: All Specialist weapons in the exchange shop

    Please do those changes, exchange shop is a perfect idea but it do not work in our days, time is so long ( 3 months) and most of the items are owned by players
    or are just ussles for the meta


    1: achievements now have the same rewards as Grade

    2: When you complete all of the achievents you will unlock a Unique cosmetic army uniform full of medals ( like those that Generals have irl )and x10 vIP box

    3: Now the achievments are 5 with their last Tier , Last tier of each will be rewarded with 1 Vip box and 200 legend medals ( for tier 5 )

    a: KILL 100.000 ENEMIES

    b: ACHIEVE 5.000 hours of playtime ( only in that one the 10.000 hours will stay as the longer )

    c: Make the first place in lastman stading 1.500 - 2.000 times

    d: Set up or deactivate the bomb 1.500 - 2.000 times

    e: Touch down the flag for 1.500 - 2.000 times


    g: Kill with headshot 15.000

    h : Infect 2.500 humans

    i : Kill 2.500 zombies


    Here is the Balance that Fireteam need in the most maps since the maths make you feel sad about the rewards.
    "All numbers are from screenshots that we can give for proofs to GM if needed "


    For 6 min and 12 sec in desert thunder we got 121 exp and 650 GP
    This is a perfect example why we need the buffs that valofe promised.
    Follwing just the maths to buy 1 specialist Box (220.000 gp ) i need to play around 350 Desert thunder, this is 2100 mins = 35 hours. 35 hours
    no stop for 1 Box and a box that we have to talk about later anyway.

    I think we all agree that Desert thunder map need at least a 300- 350% Bonus in the basic exp it give, even with this buff you need 11+ hours for a box
    This buff is much needed no Question

    2: DESERT FOX :

    17 min of gameplay give 412 exp and 2.201 Gp

    150% exp/gp basic bonus is the buff i think it need


    9 min of gameplay give 315 exp and 1678 gp

    100% exp and 200% basic gp buff

    4: OUTPOST 31

    28 minits give 954 exp and 5.414 gp

    Since its the harder map in game i think it deserve better, expecialy for the time you spend on it

    100% basic exp and gp bonus buff


    26 min it gives 637 exp and 3.395 gp

    100% basic exp and 200% basic gp bonus its a fair deal


    for 33 min of gameplay it gives

    710 exp and 2.851 gp

    100% basic exp bonus and 250% basic gp bonus its fair for this map.
    And there is a Bug in this map with a sample not spwan sometimes


    34 min give 837 exp and 4.458 gp

    I think 25% basic exp bonus and 50% gp bonus its ok.

    Also please if you cant fix the bug with the zombies falling out of the map, make them die after 8 min by themselfs so we will not lose our time/round


    31 min it give 631 exp and 3.361 gp

    50% basic exp buff and 125% basic gp buff pls


    1: option to see Most Combos

    2: option to see Most Headshots

    3: More space between each different fireteam

    4: Spasific different color for each Fireteam name ( Now is hard to realise which fireteam is which

    5: Correct the Bug that all Fiteteam games counted as Not complete even when you won Or reset the Fireteam stats only for everyone in case you cant fix it
    you have a chance for that when you will add the blood arena in CA:R , we hope as soon is possible.


    This is clear for the new players.
    We sale back for 230 per gun and to buy one day gun it cost 10.170 gp

    To buy 1 gun for 1 day you need to sale back about 50 guns.
    I suggest a saleback buff to 10%
    meaning that every 10 items you sale you can buy one day gun


    1: Now all Common items will replaced with x3 100% exp or gp bonus and for vip pass for x10 200% exp - gp bonus or other functions


    NO EPIC - LENGED option for every room master, elite or super elite before the game start ( yes we know pure exist but we dont like it )

    ROOM NAMES : Now the owner of the room can give a name on it, so we can reduce the kicks

    ANTI-unfair kick program : Now the player get the exp/gp and his job proggres if he got kick in a room

    NERFS : Please just nerf any pistol - SMG with more than 49 damage, this is outrage ( or option 1 , give us a way to stop it )

    (Items that players ask me to add)

    1: stamina kit

    2: Armor med( exactly like medikit but it recover only the armor )

    3: 6 slot backpack if possible ( a lot of players ask for this LOOOL )

    4: Warlord as a spec items only for fireteam

    5: PSY guns

    6: Scops for pure combat too

    7: a new mutagen ( suggestion like that one in outpost that slow people )

    8: New spec items

    9: Bow and arrow ( far cry style )

    10 : Hidden blade ( using animation of traker knife )

    11: Snow valley as QR map and turn some more maps for QR as well ( new or even old )

    12 : Grade system for every fireteam map


    A lot of players , myself included wish for an anti badluck system.
    When you open 46 boxes and you get 0 perms this make you wish to Quit the game and maybe you will for a very long time
    We suggest an eazy and fair solution.
    Make all GP boxes able to buy x10 with at least 1 perm on them 100%.


    vALOFE will choose 5 rare and 5 epic items per combat week to sale for perm with gp/gc

    Prices RARE : 1.000.000 - 1.600.000 GP ( Gc discount 10-20% )

    Prices EPIC : 2.200.000 - 3.000.000 GP ( Gc discount 10-20% )


    1: Make clan war rooms the same way that the normal PvP rooms are set up, make it possible for the clan room to show up in the clan match tab even if
    theres only 1 player sitting in there from the clan. When a full squad gathers (3,4,5 or 6 players depending on what the party leader has set) from the
    respective clan, the ability to send the notice "(Clan) 3 players is looking for a challange" appears until a player from a different clan enters the room.

    2: games that are currently in progress should also be visible to all players in order to prevent clans from secretly playing against
    themselves in order to illegally gain points in the clan Leaderboards

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    I agree with most of these points, the community does infact want most of the changes good sugestions, however i think that PSY guns should remain rare, and shouldnt be added again.and a kit that repairs armor would be way too op so thats definitely a no-go. I do agree with the Clan War updates tho, it would also be nice to let the player choose the mode of the game.
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      I agree with most of this but:

      Originally posted by frfrfrff View Post
      NO EPIC - LENGED option for every room master, elite or super elite before the game start ( yes we know pure exist but we dont like it )
      Why just a "NO EPIC - LEGEND" option? This this game should get a comprehensive item filter with the ability to turn everything on / off and save your settings.

      Originally posted by frfrfrff View Post
      ROOM NAMES : Now the owner of the room can give a name on it, so we can reduce the kicks
      Should also include the name of the room master.

      Originally posted by frfrfrff View Post
      ANTI-unfair kick program : Now the player get the exp/gp and his job proggres if he got kick in a room
      Should also give you the name of the E-Mod who kicked you.

      Originally posted by frfrfrff View Post
      Aren't necessary and previous nerfes should be reversed. If you have an issue with something you should just be able to use the room settings to turn it off. This whole "nerf this nerf that" nonsense has already ruined entire weapon families (e.g. the MP5s) and some weapons (like the legendary ones) are supposed to be "OP", that's part of their appeal and it wouldn't be a problem either if the room mod could just use the settings to turn them of.


      This list is also missing something very important: a proper killcam that shows how you got killed from the enemies perspective. Many other FPS already have such a feature and it's a great way to reduce false hackusations.


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        they will add an exclusive pass and blocking unwanted weapons