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The game is unplayable!!

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  • The game is unplayable!!

    Valofe please do something!!!! The cheating is rampant....there are some hackers even discussing it openly in the lobby. Then there is the OP stuff like the SWAT vest. It's absolute nonsense that with baron's M416 CQB I can only cause 12 damage, but the swat vest user can annihilate me in 3shots.And the gamebreaking infinite Instant respawn is just BS. Please do soething to save the game.

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    Hi mbozsik.
    Clearly no one hears your request but, i may can help.
    No one seems to actually care except for the legit players of the community.
    We must make them hear our request.

    If this community does nothing, no one will do anything. That's why we are here to stop this madness.
    If you must, please stand with me and, help me clean this community.
    This game use to be the best FPS Game ever created and, then "Nexon" gave up on it.
    We must work together to make it better. It'll be even better if we can get the valofe_admin Staffing Members to hear us.
    They can make a bigger change rather than a small community.

    Will you help?

    If you wish to help (For all any ANY who reads) Please type below signing (I too) Along with your username.

    Once i have read, i will begun to open a Forums up for only the community who wish to help.

    Thank you.
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      100% agree!!!

      the game is no longer a FPS... is more like World of Tanks... sadly

      whats the point of playing with a gun and that gun dont work because you need 1000 bullets the kill the other player or have to have an OP wep?

      the balance on this game is completly offset! it's a free-to-pllay game, but pay-per-win is one thing, what is happening to CA-r is other completly different

      this only encourages harassment because other players think that others are hacking but they're just super-tankers! room-chat is always full with harassment and accusations that, despite not being true, are understandable because you need so many bullets to kill other players... with the game like this, is normal to have 10, 11, 15 assist... something is not right...

      think about it,
      have fun,
      see you in game