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Combat Grade System rebalancing

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  • Combat Grade System rebalancing


    Here are a few suggestions.
    • Increase the amount of point gained by the top half ranking and increase the lost of points in the bottom half ranking of a game.
    • Reduce the impact of joining a game that is currently playing. I.e. there is no way to know that the game is at 80/140 kill or at round 6/9, etc… it is a huge disadvantage.
    • It should not have any impact on your grade if you get kicked.
    I.e. Quarantine Regen; even if I am playing lots of games everyday and I end the game in top 3 every time, I cannot get higher than advanced. It is very frustrating since it has been more than 2 years since the release of the combat grade system and 95% of the player are medium or rookie.

    I think that the idea of the combat grade system is great when there is a good stagger like in elim mode. Unfortunately, for most of the game mode, there are too many factors that cause a decrease in the grade and not enough to compensate in achieving a great stagger for every grade.

    I hope this will trigger something with the development team because this system is not working for every game mode and should be improved accordingly.


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    I feel the grade system is definitely odd. Especially for QR.