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    Hello Valofe I have noticed that most of the players are slowly giving up this game. Because of the large number of hackers, the tank vest and the little work done in this game. My idea was to add more maps and modes. Which I think will add wings to this game,
    Or create a competition for a given map or mode, as in the old days of nexon, please consider this proposal and give an answer. Because this game is dying

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    I agree, I been playing CA since 2008 and I can tell you what your saying is 100% spot on. When Nexon owned CA they made daily jobs, remember the black cases that were dropped
    and we needed keys to open them.... only way to get keys is to buy NX.. stuff like that. That's how you do business to make game interesting and it makes you want to play more
    to get more blk cases or finish your daily job, also NOW there is no incentive to play cause there is no incentives, only hackers and power lvlers.
    Koreans bought this game from Nexon , sad thing abt this is they don't know SQUAT about running a online game..... If they want us to keep paying into this game
    they need to be more interactive and police this game like it was a business which it is if you cared abt it.
    When Nexon owned this I remember they used to give monthly exp to those that reported the most hackers, and Nexon policed the game with GMs monitoring its gameplay
    in real time or there was a GM visible by their TAGS.. There used to be a GM in my game which I never knew he was just observing and wrote to me after game saying hello to me and
    said good game. Now if Valofe even put and hired some GMs to monitor the game and will KICK on site any hackers that would help a lot.. but valofe has to from time to time is to have like
    100 GMs come in the game like at the busiest time and start a Sweep & Clear and kick on site any hacker or pwr lvls. and last to bring back real incentives to want to play and most of all
    want to buy more NX.. Valofe is like letting this game run its course and roll over and die... They need to infuse incentives like Nexon did.. and run this game like you actually care.


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      That was the way it was at the time, unfortunately it cannot be reversed.
      I also remember how GMs made their own rooms and it was possible to play with them as well as talk on the room. in my opinion the game is much easier you don't have to try to get the guns by getting lvl as it was in the old days of nexon. Now you get mythical and legendary weapons for free just login. They could add an event
      5-shot as well as combatpoly, Wheel of fate.
      In my opinion the number of players would increase