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R.I.P - Combat Arms 2010 - 2017 (VALOFE please spare us)

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  • R.I.P - Combat Arms 2010 - 2017 (VALOFE please spare us)

    Since RELOADED was published, CA is officially dead.
    Does any of you remember the old 2010 CA? It was perfect.. I remember when i came home from school. I did my homeworks, and i've played CA for a really long time.
    The 2014 update.
    When CA recived this update alot of things were gone. 1)The awesome hud. 2)Player Community. 3)Low ammount of bugs.
    I was quite angry but still, it was nearly dead and i've still played it. The update was bad, but still better than RELOADED....

    My opinion:
    I think RELOADED should've been published as a other game. Since VALOFE is new CA publisher. I'm happy. The V.I.P box as a gift. ++The old launcher ((Nostalgia <3)) i belive VALOFE will add the old perfect CA back. (please ;-

    And what do you think about RELOADED?
    As i said, i think the RELOADED is trash. Save us VALOFE. Please tell me your opinion in Comment Section. Cya~ <3
    -best regards

    Kixxxy(CA username)

    EDIT: Btw i've noticed that VALOFE started a campaing to get classic old CA back. Please vote yes.
    You can vote 1 time everyday.
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    Why did you transfer your account and continued to play CA if you think that game is dead? If game is dead for you, bury all you memories about it and carry on, go and do something else which you enjoy. Further more this is a place for suggestions and place for discussions is here:


    • ykyasek
      ykyasek commented
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      1) I've transfered my account beacuse i love playing CA. Even tho i think it's dead. It was my childhood game and i'll it at any cost.
      2) Something you have deep in your heart you can't forget.
      3) Anyways thanks for the info.
      Have a Great Day!
      -Kixxxy (CA username)

    • Cracana1984
      Cracana1984 commented
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      they game is wors than before and who knows or who is the old player know what is about if u are new ofc u dont know nothing about this game

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    Then you shouldn't call it dead imagine having a girlfriend which you love and call her dead You would get your nose least ^_^ Game changed and evolved, you can either go with it or leave,there isn't third option, calling it dead and playing/enjoying/loving it at same time is hypocritical. You are welcome and have a great day also.


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      i hope valofe will do the best for this game.
      realoded was the final hit that killed this game completely.


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        For me Combat Arms is the best game i ever played , Sadly i must say too that Reloaded is like the funeral of the game.
        However Reloaded have some nice staff that Old Combat arms havent. I want too the old Combat arms but not 100% like it was. We can make a nice Fusion of Old & Reloaded like :

        1: Keep the Nerfs to OP Guns
        2: Keep the custome Rooms
        3: Keep the possibility to buy for GP perm
        4: Bring back the old EXPLO damage for Fireteam & QR mod ( keep the explo nerf for games human vs human like CTF, ELIM, S&D ect )
        5: bring back Elite mod for all Mods execpt Elimination to avoid the abuse Elite use ( in other mods like QR & Ft i feel like Elite will be better becouse we will avoid Votes every 1 sec from ____ becouse you kill them, or becouse you are in 1 place in Ft )

        We can keep those plus some more possitive thinks from reloded and add them to Old Combat arms

        From old Combat arms ofc i want to see again the Old 2010 shop, the old Music, the Old backround the old rank rewards like pof-vet-elite-champion m16 & old old old ect.
        And ofc i want back the spec items for the Fireteams mods + a nice boost to exp again in fireteams + exp/gp bonuses in shop.

        Had 2 dreams since 2009

        1: Play QR in snow valley ( the best map in the game and in all games in general for me)
        2: Play Fireteam with spec guns with my base character ( not specialist ) becouse basic character is a choise you did like you did for a football team for me.

        This is my oppinion men, the Old CA with those changes it will be my heven . I hope you agree

        Have nice X-mas everyone and i hope somone from valofe will see that.
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        • Cracana1984
          Cracana1984 commented
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          CA was but now is not anymore and im sure is the last game with les players

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        Yes, I remember CA in 2010. I remember when Nexon would actually encourage you to play new maps, like when sector 25 came out, they would give you a 1d G3 for playing to matches of it. I also remember the old hud and the very brief beta of the replacement hud. Thems was the good old days!


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          Originally posted by ykyasek View Post
          R.I.P - Combat Arms 2010 - 2017 (VALOFE please spare us)
          It actually began in 2007 in Korea, 2008 in NA, EU in 09.

          Originally posted by ykyasek View Post
          My opinion: I think RELOADED should've been published as a other game.
          This will simply not work if you expect this community to remain thriving, whole, strong. Online FPS games need a strong community to make it thrive and be enjoyable to play. So two flavors of the same games is exactly the opposite of what we need.

          Think of what happens every time a franchise like Battlefield and Counter Strike release a new game: many people move on and eventually the old game stops getting updates, the number of players dwindles, and it's either no longer enjoyable or the game gets shuttered. Been through that plenty of times since my first online FPS days in the 90s.

          Is Reloaded perfect, by no means. But with many people asking for classic, which version are we talking about here? It's like dreaming about living in the good-old simple days of the 1800s but forgetting about all the diseases there was no cure for, and the so-called doctors creating magic elixirs to cure your headache, cancer and diarreah all at once.

          And as for this 100,000 vote thing? Ridiculous. Using a voting system that does not allow anyone to vote No is like telling the community to vote yes or shut up and take it. And even then, it's only up to 25,000 votes with two weeks left.

          So before we go crazy asking Valofe to bring back classic, they need to put it in writing as to what they mean by this. What can and will they restore and what are they not going to or cannot restore without spending too much time and money to fix.

          And one last note - whether Classic or Reloaded, they need to fix the server lag and hit registration going on. Too many people complain about this on almost every match. Being in NA, specifically the East Coast of NA used to be OK to play on just about any server. It became bad with Nexon months before Reloaded and it continues with Valofe. Whether custom rooms are filled with people with all sorts of pings (10 to 700+ pings) or everyone with pings in the 80-120, registration and lag and screen tearing and people stuttering around the room is happening.


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            Originally posted by Frogroast View Post
            It actually began in 2007 in Korea, 2008 in NA, EU in 09.
            CA EU started in December 2008


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              Originally posted by SoulhunterIT View Post

              CA EU started in December 2008
              Depends on whether you look at beta or public release dates. I was using public release dates.
              EU Beta was in late 08, official public in early 09.
              NA Beta was in early 08, official public in late 08.


              • SoulhunterIT
                SoulhunterIT commented
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                I was thinking that I created my account in December 2008 but i started play in January or February 2009... you're right!