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Quarantine Regen: Add Restriction to allow NO SPECIAL WEAPONS

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  • Quarantine Regen: Add Restriction to allow NO SPECIAL WEAPONS

    Dear Valofe,

    I am writing this post in-regards to the current state of Quarantine Regen(QR).

    Every once in a while I get tired of playing Elimination, so I occasionally hop into a game of QR. Right now it is literally unplayable playing as an Infected. Everyone places down auto turrets which prevent the Infected from moving without being pushed back. On top of the turrets everyone uses excessive amounts of Claymores and Remote grenades. So here I ask valofe, on behalf of the Quarantine community. Give us an option/restriction for "No Special Weapons" inside of QR. This would add a different dynamic and give more of a Balanced feel for the Infected.

    Special Weapons including Claymores, Remote Grenades, and Auto-turrets currently make it impossible for the Infected to win any rounds. Therefore, I believe adding this option would allow for a more dynamic and survival-like feel that QR once had long ago. Thanks for reading and your consideration.

    Thank you Valofe,