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Notice For Valofe Moderators and Admins " VERY IMPORTANT"

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  • Notice For Valofe Moderators and Admins " VERY IMPORTANT"


    There is Important Notice if valofe Decided to Bring
    Classic Combat Arms again !
    we need the whole
    Classic Combat Arms With Totally old features and all the Old stuff Do not disspoint us Valofe.
    "Bring Back Classic CA 100% Not Only Old UI !!!!!!!!!!"

    Classic Combat Arms 2014~2016 INCLUDES :-

    1-All Community and Social Features
    - Lobby Chat
    - Complete Old Messenger
    - Room Chat/Clan Chat

    2- All Old and Removed Functions

    -Gift Functions
    -Speciallist BackPack Lisences
    -VIP Passess Only "GC"
    -All abillities
    -Black/Ghost and Grey HiSec
    -All kind of old cases Myst Series
    - Exp and Gp Passess
    - 5-Shot Event
    - Bullets Modifications and OPtic Sights Modifications

    3-Bubba Secret Stash

    4- DailyJobs and UpgradeJobs

    5- Old Medals and achievments system !!!!!!!

    6- All Removed Guns and Codenames
    - All Assassin Codenames and guns
    - All Speciallists with All Codenames
    - Duals Series " With Nerfed Damage not OP"

    7- Ranks
    - Bring Back Rank Up Prizes
    - Remove CIC Ranks

    8-Bring Back All Maps and Modes Removed By Nexon

    9- Cutomizations and Custom Parts

    Suggestions For " Combat Arms "

    1-New Cheat Engine For The Game

    2-Updated Fair Rules For Sanctions " 15Days Ban /Perm Bann"

    Make CA No.1 FPS Action Game again

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    this is truee VALOFE please !!!


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      bullet modifications? hell No. they can keep Gold grade modifications for Quarantine & Fireteam modes only. these bullets affected Elimination & Eli Pro & Oma so much. thats why they removed them.

      Duals? nope they should stay away from the shop in order to keep the game balance. I personally think duals should never return to the store.


      • ahmedazazyali
        ahmedazazyali commented
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        Duals Now Nerfed i have all of them perms its now useless Lowdamage if u play with duals and me with g63e u can kill me even 5 times dont worry not op any more
        and bullet modifications in the shop and GC Only you should pay GC to afford it not for normal players
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      Hahahaha lmafo


      • skaymancer
        skaymancer commented
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        something funny?

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      i don't agree with 7. what is so bad with CIC ranks ?


      • ahmedazazyali
        ahmedazazyali commented
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        the current CIC looks