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General Topic about Explosives and ETC and Zombie HP " Poll included" QR Community

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  • General Topic about Explosives and ETC and Zombie HP " Poll included" QR Community

    Hello Guys .,

    i want you votes to let Valofe Bring Back All Old Statics* For Explosive and ETC and Zombies HP back to "2013~2015" Era To Enjoy QR again !!!!!

    "Statics" : means Old Damage Levels For Explosives and ETC and HP level For Zombies
    "Lets Enjoy Playing QR again "
    Bring Back Old Statics
    I Dont agree
    its good Now

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    dont forgot about remove mutagens from shop


    • ahmedazazyali
      ahmedazazyali commented
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      its fun the only way to make few players play with mutagens make it Expensive with GC in the shop or make all zombies same hp

      Mutagens turn into only looks of blue zombie

    • skaymancer
      skaymancer commented
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      they need to remove mutagens from the shop a least untill valofe will find way to ban them from some rooms in my opinion.

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    its true now are QR totally died !!!


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      I never liked QR


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        they need increase the damage & radius of mines back to how it is was before. since mines got totally useless after nerf. same goes to RPG's demage. they need to increase them to old stats as well.


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          yes exactly please valofe return the damage to the grenade and rocket launcher, because now it is really shocking 20 damage to the mine and the launcher ??? it's a pitiful VALOFE PLEASE!


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            Dear Valofe, please do keep the things the way they are, i know you wont understand 99% of what i will write here but the Runners that are complaining here are the most cancerous community in QR, explanations below.

            1. They do not play QR as infected, at least the vast majority don't, which is against the Terms of Use as it is Unfair to the player that infects them to survive.
            2. They will block Safe Rooms "areas in Quarantine maps that let humans lock themselves in to keep away from zombies", they will block entrances to those rooms so that others get infected, which beats the purpose of a Survival mode where humans should play together to survive until the end.

            3. They will team kill, "which was solved with making mines immune to mine blowing by anyone else but the owner of the mines", but in a lot of cases nowadays they will try to block you with their bodies until their friend comes to infect you, which is again Team Killing which is against Terms of Use.
            4. They would kick you and are still kicking people whenever they infect them.
            5. They will kick you if you camp or use a Safe Room.
            6. They would power level, anyone from Valofe feel free to watch any Quarantine Regen montage in a slow mode and you will notice how many infected do not infect the person that runs "as they are power leveling" and will jump on the grenades that the human throws so that they can get accolades/ Unbelievable, fantastic ultra kill etc.
            7. They will reveal your position to zombies if you are the last two humans, they will tell them where you are so that you get infected "in QR selfish runner community you cant kill zombies until u'r the last human" so they will make sure that the other humans get infected so they can throw their random nades and have their friends jump onto them.

            There is a lot more but in general QR runners are a cancerous bunch who do not know anything else but how to ruin the mode itself, not all of them are like that but the vast majority of them are exactly as i described, and if you took even an hour to play the mode you would notice it.

            Please do not change Quarantine Regen and keep it the way it is, the update was great "not perfect" but great as it got ridiculed of most of the cancerous QR community.


            • skaymancer
              skaymancer commented
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              again with your "**** runners" ? look down my comment we are the runners not the only one that got fuc.ked by this nerf.
              and ofc you only thinking about your self. me me me and me. and there is many types of runners sadly most of them team and upload teamy montages and doing what you said but its not mean that all of us should get shoot by that. and if the update was so great this mode was should be full of players now. btw for many players its fun to get UNB because its take skills its way i came to QR for funnnn.
              and if you thinking the running over maps is easy here you or not team its hard to be last. you know how many players want the old stats and how many not wants it. the answer is yes 99% of QR wants it to return so stop talk for your self. and remember that not only runners coplained about this cancerous nerf.
              Last edited by skaymancer; 12-11-2017, 08:19 PM.

            • viirtuality
              viirtuality commented
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              Yes, you runners are the only ones that are affected by the nerf of speed and bombs, the only thing affecting normal users that like to play QR for what it was supposed to be is when they messed up mines.

              There are many types of runners I do agree on that one, many of them who are cancerous as I pointed above, and very very few who are fair players, you included skaymancer, you included.

              If you liked to run, run now with lower speed if you liked to get unbelievable, get better at the game.
              If it takes skill than why do you need more speed and stronger explosives? It's like saying it takes skills to use a Turret.
              I didn't say that running over maps is easy, but it isn't hard in the first place, secondly the problem is that you selfish runners ruin the game for everyone else because you desperately want to be the last human and keep all the zombies alive that you ruin other peoples matches by blowing their mines blocking them and revealing their positions, with this update QR was finally alive, unlike what you are saying the QR update cured QR of cancer.

              99% OF QR community does not want it, 99% OF QR runners who liked being faster than infecteds and needing to throw 1 nade to get accolades want the old QR to return.

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            the nerf wth mines was not needed. now its almost impossible to camp. since infected can easily walk through the mines still not get killed. the radius of mines is nerfed as well. even in Elimination 3 mines are not enough to kill one person which is stupid. bring the old stats of AP Mines they are totally useless after the nerf.