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  • How to fix CA!

    First thing first we must discuss the blatant issues with Combat Arms as it is right now.

    1. The guns in the game are totally broken and take little to no skill to use. Guns like the Max SG, SG50, AR15 Double Barrel, and Orthus HAVE NO PLACE in a game like Combat Arms. Most new players have zero accessibility to these weapons and frankly most players don't want to spend 50 dollars on pixels. The last company that owned this game completely abused the integrity of the game and went for a quick money grab. This has left the game where it is now. The problem: EVERYONE LOVES TO DOMINATE IN GAME. These guns lead to a quick jump in skill level of the player and in the long run they never get the full grasp of the game and can barely hold a 1.5 kdr without guns like this. Combat Arms "classic" was so great because of the lack of over powered weapons in the game. They game was EVEN! The player with the best aim and the best skill would win gun fights and therefore push you to play the game more and to try and become the best player possible. I also understand though that CA Classic also had its broken in game abilities (Specs, G36E). If Valofe seriously wants to make CA "GREAT AGAIN" then they will decide to make the game a balanced FPS where anyone who plays enough can be good. Nexon used our love of the game to bleed us of money and dilute the game with over powered guns that in the long run just hurt the game even more. Another quick fix is to have cool skins for the same gun and then players can buy that to still feel more inclusive than other players.

    2. This one will be controversial since a lot of players in the community are female based characters, but they are unbalanced. Unlike male based characters, female characters can still nametag. If you are wondering what nametagging is, it is a way of glitching your head so the player shooting at you can only see your nametag. It is possible to hit but it takes multiple shots to try and hit the headshot, male bases cannot head glitch in the same way. Oil Rig arguably the most played map in CA history has a multitude of place where female bases can head peek and honestly is it frustrating as hell. New players that play this game have to be wondering where the hell someone just shot them from and it is a completely unbalanced mechanic in the game. At least if you are going to keep it in the game make it accessible to male bases as well so that the game can keep its competitive nature. This is a quick and simple fix and if Valofe decides to fix small things like this then it will show that they are willing to help the player experience unlike the previous staff would.

    3. Latency and bullet register in this game is pretty god awful. I have recently taken a break from combat arms ever since the new "Reloaded" update, I decided to come back on after a couple of months of not playing. I have been playing other games in this time. When I came back to Combat Arms recently, I realized how bad the bullet lag and just overall lag that is in the game still. In some instances on my screen it will look as if I have shot the enemy 3+ times only to die and it says that I only landed one shot for 30 damage. This is very infuriating and in competitive modes it is frustrating because every health point counts. I have very good internet services and a computer that can handle games like battlefield on high settings, so why is CA so laggy? I understand that you guys just got the company but the servers need a complete overhaul.

    4. The HUD and GUI right now is very bad. I have played CA for over 8 years now and still get confused with the new HUD. A step in the right direction would be to completely make a new HUD, or just simply go back to one of the old ones. Also, the new graphics suck and honestly the old graphics will do just fine with a couple of touch ups here and there. This is a pretty straight foward fix and with a little bit of effort can be done EASILY.

    5. One of the biggest things that can help CA is Valofe, you guys. IF you listen to us and actually try to make the game better instead of going for a quick money grab then this game can be very profitable and successful. We the players understand this game and know what needs to be done to fix it. In the past Nexon would almost try too hard instead of fixing the blatant in game issues.Their solution was to just pump out over powered and game breaking items to get people to buy them. People love this game, if you do it right and put some effort into it I have no doubt that many old players, including myself, with come back and be a regular. You guys have to prove though that you are here for the overall betterment of the game and that you are willing to listen to the players to make CA playable again.

    Thats it really, all of the other issues can be fixed down the road. IF you fix these 5 thing I promise that players will come back in heaps. I love this game and hopefully you all can make CA fun and playable again!


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    This video also describes it great!


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      I agree that fem bases are op. I wish I could still kick the trash players and peekers, but you know... no emod.


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        1. Just cause some guns are harder to get it does not mean they cant be allowed in the game and if the guns are unbalanced, instead of removing them have them go though another rebalance.
        I see epic and legendary guns as more of a problem than the guns you mentioned, the reason can be found in this screenshot (
        I would not mind having a skin system for items instead of all the different variations.

        2. Would be nice to see all character models work the same way, personally i have played male characters since the start so i cant say i have thought much about how female characters work.

        3. Playing now after Valofe took over the service i have noticed that the servers are alot more stable than what it have been the last couple of years when nexon had the service.
        Im not saying its lag free, but playing games with people who have around 80 and below in ping goes pretty smooth compared to before.
        I would totally be for raising the server tick just a tad more, but i think we could have alot to gain from a software performance overhaul too.

        4. I would have to agree that the reloaded UI/GUI is not very intuitive, on the otherhand i think the old ones where quite flawed too.
        I would like to see a new UI/GUI not copying the earlier version but taking the things that worked with them and creating the things that did not work out with them anew, putting it all togeather with a fitting color scheme.
        One more thing i would like to see is that the UI/GUI is scaleable in size (possibly with some preset sizes or a scale where you simply pull the scale to the apropicate size), the reason for this is to be able to maximize the usability of the UI/GUI.

        5. Not much to comment about on this one.


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          Why double post in general discussion when you already posted it in suggestions?



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            the game is not broken only because of the weapons or caracters man the 1st mistake in this game was the merge this game was only for EU players not for everyone from this planet another are the players if i remember in the old CA when was spec spec items elite s-elite this game was full with players in all servers but now after 1 half year are less players and this game never will be like before because i know VALOFE cant do nothing about this game they are intersting only how to make money not to lising us what we need or what we dont need


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              this game cant be fixed