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[MapRework] Grave Digger

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  • [MapRework] Grave Digger

    partly corrected excuse me if there is something i wasn´t able to correct right.
    Since there is a maximum of 4 pictures per post you have to work with the links i am sorry...

    "Dear (Valofe) team,

    i am a fully ego-shooter fan. That doesn´t mean i am a none tactic player. On the contrary i love tactics, tricks and flanking other players / outplaying them by getting use of my excellent mapknowloedge.
    I am playing Combat Arms for a long time now and i think there are some maps with untapped potential / they could be ways better imo.
    So with this post i start with my thoughts about the map Grave Digger.

    There are player´s who love the map how it is. That´s ok. I would appreaciate if you regardless read my suggestion and than vote for No!

    I divide the map in two parts - the upper and the lower. First to the upper the last is to the lower:

    The Map is a daredevil map. Not mutch cover, direct lanes, scant possiblitis (that where i want to jump it).
    Here the map with the points i would like to see reworked. The description can be found in the list below

    1. This part should be fully accessible!

      This ventilation should be jumpable.

      This ladder should be in function and the ventilation you can see left abouve should be jumpable too, so that you can get on the highest container.
      This ventilation should be set a little bit lower and an other one should be insert so you can jump over them upside the container.
      This ladder should be in function too (beside the wall) and there should be insert a case on the container so you can jump on one higher.
    2. Thats the part of the ruin over both bases. Make it to a catwalk for snipers so they can get there in position and have a bit overview of the labyrinthine map. It should be reachable over the respective base over stacked cases or a ladder.
      If you dont know what i exacly talking about: Number 1 in this picture:
    3. Same as point 2. You only have to break a hole in the blanked and a put in a ladder to get up (just an example)
    4. With a few cases for cover this could be a possible counterspot for the caltwalk, reachable for both teams. Look the picture befor with the catwalk its point 2 in the picture.
    5. Now to the underground. Nowadays its really useless imo. Its a direct way witch connectes the bases. Super... No use of that.
      You should be able to use it as a retraction. For getting back to your base. I imagine a torn hole at the corner between wall and floor. ONLY A WAY DOWN no way to go up!
      Or at least you should be able to shoot down or up. So something like a cellar window with prison bars.</li>

    With this mapedit this map (i really don´t like it right now) could get one of my favourite maps.

    Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts to this map!"
    Yes we want to see this rework!
    No keep it as it is.
    Rework, but...