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  • [MapRework] Piazza

    partly corrected excuse me if there is something i wasn´t able to correct right.
    Since there is a maximum of 4 pictures per post you have to work with the links i am sorry...

    "Dear (Valofe) team,

    so here my #reworkmap series go on:
    1. Grave Digger
    2. Piazza

    Why i decided for Piazza? Its actually already a great map (imo) but this small changes would make the map even mutch more interesting.
    • I am getting started with this balcony:

      The window is shootable but you cant get really use of it right now. This could be changed if th balcony gets accessable.
      1. Insert a simple metal ladder and mapbe open the side of the railing.
      2. The balcony gives you a bit of overview if you are in SnD/EliPro. Its not a ulitmate Camperspot because you can be shot through the glass.
    • Lets swich to the other side of the map:
      1. Seriously: It looks like you did this demolition because you didn´t want the A-team to jump up there, walk around and conter the B camper spot. But you failed. It is possible from 10 till 15 % + speed but not with lower speed. So either you demolish it till the corner, so noone of A-Team can jump around or you repair the demolition so everone of the A-Team can use that counterspot!
    • Now i jump to the big vine cellar:
      Nowadays B-Side got a massive advantage in relation to cover as you can see in following picture.
      A-Team has nearly no chance:
      So what could we do for giving the A-Team chances for a fair fight in the vine cellar? My idea:
      1. My idea isn´t moving the objekt i marked but insering it again at the place i marked. If it would standing that sideways it wouldn´t give a full cover (you are able to shoot throw the gaps) but the half cover already reaches to turn the cellar in an interesting balanced fighting zone.
    • Let´s come to my last, biggest and (imo) best idea giving this map a great new gameexperience.
      The problem what i was searching a solution for is following:
      If the B-Team isn´t that storng and doesn´t ceep covered theire right side they aren´t able any more to get out there.
      What we could do:
      This looks confusing? Let me explain:
      1. There should be a floor behind that shutters. The shutters should be fully opened so you can able to walk onto the balconys
      2. The window should be open too so you can have a nice overwhatch of the hole place.
      1. First the reception desk should be mirrored as in the picture marked.
      2. Then there should be an open door. Behind that door the stairs upway to the floor with the window and the balcons.

    I spended a lot of time in this map and this is my result / feedback. If you got other or further ideas let me know!

    greets and have fun in playing "
    Yes we want to see this rework!
    No keep it as it is.
    Rework, but...

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    I agree with you that some maps must be reworked. I would also like from Valofe to improve maps' texture details- Walls, Boxes Doors and others.


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      seems really cool but needs some changes
      AIM HIGH