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Serious Request from all South America: Please Introduce South American Servers.

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  • Serious Request from all South America: Please Introduce South American Servers.

    Hi, Im GonzaloARG (my account is in pending transfer process) , Im from Argentina, sorry for my bad english. I've been playing this game since 7 years ago, I love it. But, I think its very uncomfortable and especially UNFAIR playing with high ping (300ms) because my geographical position. :'(

    South American players have this big problem, we have 200-300ms PING.
    In this image link you can see what Im talking about: https://scontent.faep8-2.fna.fbcdn.n...e1&oe=5A1B27EB

    Its UNFAIR because EU or NA players always sees you first, imagine playing with sniper, they have always advantage.

    Also consider the missed shots, I think 2/10 shots are missed because delay/lagg.

    All I want to request to VALOFE CA managers, is a server in South America, think it would be a very good improve for this "New" Combat Arms. <3

    If lots of games like Counter Strike GO, Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG, etc has servers in south america, why not Combat Arms ? I think it would convert CA in a more knowed and competitive game.

    I know that already exist COMBAT ARMS BRASIL, but you can only play there with Brasilian IP (there are another +10 countrys in South America).

    Think about all the South American players. We are a lot. Im actually not playing, because its makes me really sad be the first who hit the enemy but he kills me anyway because lagg (especially playing with Sniper)

    DEV TEAM, please I want a answer , YES or NO ? Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
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    Didn't knew you can only play on CA BR with BR IP... too bad.


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      Nexon dont do it, so.. even less chances with Valofe. Best hope for SA player is to play in NA server.
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