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    Bring back Classic Combat Arms
    Game Mechanics
    Combat Arms Reloaded did not fix the "issues." Too many people think the original game mechanics are bugs when in fact they are what make Combat Arms different than other games. If Combat Arms' game mechanics were exactly the same as games such as CSGO, COD, or other big name games there would be no point in playing Combat Arms. Call me a noob or whatever but bunny hopping, crouch spamming, peeking, etc. are all game strategies that "noobs" use to counter other players. These "bugs" are what makes Combat Arms stand out and people should just learn these mechanics instead of wanting to patch everything in the game that makes it special. If you really hate the game for these reasons then it just sounds like Combat Arms is not for you.

    Elite Moderator
    The problem with elite moderator. There was never a problem with emod. If you get rage kicked - fine. Go find another room or better yet make your own room. Sometimes people just do not want to play with you let alone kick you because of breaking their room rules. Suck it up and make your own room. Not a big deal. People need to understand the concept of segregation. Playing in someone else's room should be a privilege, not a right (that's why we make rooms in custom lobbies, right?).

    Speed gear should just be maxed out at 25% again with all variants of recon vests achieving the 15 percent.

    Bring back heartbeat detectors since a lot of other players, including myself, have it for permanent duration, so it should be back in the shop (not mentioning that removing the item is only ruining the history of Combat Arms). Increase the range of the heartbeat sensor back to 1000. If players like to play "competitive" add a restriction that blocks HBDs.

    All explosives should be returned to their original damage stats. We have "No Explosives" mode for a reason. This will easily fix Quarantine mode and there is no reason why a mine should not kill/almost kill you (coming from a player who always plays no explosives).

    Bring back specialist items, but only allow specialist characters to use these items.

    Bring back the custom weapon mods, but keep the stats the same/worse than regular weapons mods like loaded weapons in Combat Arms Reloaded.

    Duals, Maxes, Demonics, etc. should all be brought back into their original stats. Yes, I hate those items too, but that is exactly why we should bring back elite moderator to make rules. And sometimes it is fun to play nooby every now and then. That is what makes Combat Arms, Combat Arms. No one wants to play a try hard game 24/7. Especially older folks.

    Have a separate North America and EU server again with one global server IF player count allows. Bring back more noob-friendly servers (Foxtrot Server - Maximum KDR 1.00). This will allow new players to ease into the game while discouraging hackers to join the server due to the KDR limit. I've played in that server since 2010 until Nexon closed it. Not a singer hacker.

    That's all I can think of for now. Way past my bedtime.
    -Your average NA no explo/sr only/grave digger/Epro player