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Suggestion to change NA server location..

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  • Suggestion to change NA server location..

    My question/suggestion for mods/devs:

    Could it be possible to change the location of the NA server to a part of central US instead of the now west coast? Seeing as how I get 80 ping to NA servers while getting around 120 ping to EU servers seems hardly fair if I wish to play in my regional server for a better experience.

    Having the server located in the central part of the US would make the game fair for West and East coast NA players (each side would get around 50-60 MAX ping), as well as EU players who would get around 110-120 ping instead of the now 150-200 ping. Why would I play a game when the lowest ping possible is basically like living in another country..

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    80 ping is hardly noticeable and is not going to effect your experience. I play league of legends with around 70-80 ping. Before the servers were moved on that game i had around 20 ping, and it feels the same to me.


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      Going from 20 ping to 80 ping IS noticeable in FPS games (most games really), not to mention the server stability isn't the best as well. LoL and CA are two very different games. When Nexon had the game i played with around 90 ping on NA servers, and just going from 90 to 73 is somewhat an improvement and I DO notice it when my shots actually connect and register. People dont die half a second later on my screen

      What I'm trying to do is give everyone who plays on NA servers what they deserve, a fair (ping-wise) game. I dont mean do this TODAY, but it is a reasonable suggestion that will make alot of players happy.


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        I am actually getting a decent ping now, it's been years. It's about time the west coast got some love.

        It would be nice for all to have a server nearby and the central US server would probably work better overall for entire US. So if we can have only one server then have it in the center of the country where it is hopefully equal to the east and west coast players.


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          I am on the East Coast of NA. Back in the day of the East Coast servers, I used to get 4 bars of 4, and about 2 or 3 bars to West Coast and to Global. Ever since they removed the East Coast servers, I've found I've been able to get mediocre but OK pings to either West Coast or Global servers - 2 or 3 bars. Now with ping numbers, it's more detailed info but still about the same - always got about 100-120 ping to either.

          But as of the past few months, something changed and all of a sudden hit registration is often poor, particularly when the room has a mixed batch of players with 10 ping and 500 ping or worse. Game feels sluggish, like running through a mud pit. With 100+ FPS, it not only feels weird, it looks weird.

          So whatever the server issue is, it needs to get fixed. But I don't think just relocating the NA server is going to do it. Something is going on server-side that needs to get fixed.