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ELITE ABUSER ALL DAYS... and more...

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  • ELITE ABUSER ALL DAYS... and more...


    it's barely 2 weeks since I replay a bit combat arms reloaded.

    And I'm already sickened that every day is the same, ELITE KIK ABUSER because i kill ELITE !

    Screenshots like this (below) I could post 50 per day, see a lot more!


    Isn't it the object of the game to eliminate the other players ?

    Leave you this shit ELITE and SUPER ELITE just for your money, i'm disgusted what you did with the game...

    Besides thank you for all permanent ELITE (hard-earning grade reward) which has been deleted.

    3 years ago :

    - You promised REAL Free-To-Play, it is not so, even worse than before Pay-To-Win.

    - You had promised too, I recall it : weapon rebalancing... I never saw it. (just one more lie)

    - The number of bugs is simply staggering (bugs of time nexon and 5-6 years still present...) it shows your interest in the players, on the other hand, the number of adding paid items in the shop to increase considerably.

    Just 3 example there are so many others.

    I think I will do as 3 years ago... fto flee, because disgusted, nauseate... the nostalgia will not last long.

    Here is just the opinion of a player who knew the beginnings of game combat arms.

    Thanks for reading me.

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