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Ill Promote Combat Arms: Reloaded [ NZ_AS_BRO ]

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  • Ill Promote Combat Arms: Reloaded [ NZ_AS_BRO ]

    I have Streamed Combat Arms in the past it was The best. but after awhile the tank gear where it takes 8 shots to execute a player... and on the other hand a PISTOL! [ Royal Cown ] can 2 shot my Classic Raven.. a pistol.. it gets boring. Also i like the idea of giving new characters ability to help the team like the new character Drops meds and Red Boxes. Best thing to do is LESS OP tanks.. LESS OP wepons... we want a Enjoyable Balanced Game. " Make Skins Not Lasers ".
    Ill be happy to stream Combat Arms just to see the game comeback but i need help from the GM's. please listen to the community WE LOVE THE GAME!! CA4LIFE!.
    Twitch Link to My channel. Combat Arms Content

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    I relly like play papa's pizzeria which also has on the stream. Let's visit.