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    I had a quick question to anyone that plays HQ, When you to up the elevator to start with Dread... you must go upstairs to upload the computer, then round 1 starts after.. correct.. but my question is between the Uploading of the computer and round 1 there is a Flash Screen, My question is abt the Flash screen.
    What is that white light or Orb at the bottom left on the flash screen... You can see it clearly when your waiting for round 1 and watching the flash screen.

    any ideas.. or assumptions, my guess everyone will say its just a glitch in the original program that was never cleaned up... don't do anything to interfere with the game just, its there always.

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    It would be just about impossible to solo HQ by yourself on extreme since warlord has been long removed from the game. Dread is meant to be taken out by multiple players.