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What the heck is "aankondiging"

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  • What the heck is "aankondiging"

    Thats not a German word. Just saying ! Did you mean "Ankündigungen" ? Anyways that tab doesnt work...

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    The tab works for me just fine.
    The only issue I would say about it, is that it's suppose to be for VALOFE's Official Announcements in German.
    But that sections allows you to create a new topic/thread, when really you shouldn't be able to create them unless you're staff.

    Google translate says that the word is in Dutch. Means "Announcement"
    Looks like it might have been mistranslated.
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      Ich habe das vCryonize das am Freitag auch schon mitgeteilt. Das ist aber eher unwichtig im Moment. Da sind noch ganz andere Sachen im Argen, die wesentlich wichtiger sind.
      I reported this to vCryonize on Friday. But that is not important at the moment IMO. There are quite other things in trouble, which are much more important.
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