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Vest/Specialist Character Slot Bug

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  • Vest/Specialist Character Slot Bug

    Bug type: Weapon Slot Bug

    Map: Any

    Game mode: Any

    Repeat-ability: 100%

    Operating System: Any


    I found this bug sometime back when I was experimenting with my gear set up. I noticed when I changed to my specialist character (viper) and back to my original recon vest, then I joined a random game room and I was able to use the items I had specifically set on my viper without equipping my backpack. In a way, it would be pointless for anyone to use a backpack since there will be no penalty speed wise (I think) if there is no backpack equipped.

    (Sorry for the potato quality on the video, my other computer doesn't have combat arms installed.)

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Go to the Gear section in your inventory.
    2) If you do have a specialist character such as Viper, Lynx, Raven, Souza, Scorpion, Hawk, Wraith and Banshee. {equip}
    3) Choose any weapons you want to equip on the 2 remaining slots that is available for these specialist characters.
    4) Go back to the gear section and change back to the original gear you had before. (Recon,Light, Default vest etc.)
    5) Do not equip your backpack.
    6) Join a random room and you will notice you the same guns you equipped for the specialist character will show in game.


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