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[Bug] Combat Arms: Reloaded client crashing

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  • [Bug] Combat Arms: Reloaded client crashing

    Bug type: Combat Arms: Reloaded client crash

    Map(Specific map):

    Game mode(Specific mode):

    Sometimes - 40%

    Operating System:
    Windows 10

    An unknown issue which causes the Combat Arms: Reloaded client to crash once the game match is completed or running. I have allowed all Combat Arms related applications to communicate through Firewall and I am still having problems.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Enter a room
    2) Start the game
    3) 40% probability to crash middle of a game, at the end of the game while recieving a reward (e.g. Fireteam rewards) and even in the main lobby


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    Thats more a technical issue than a bug. Personally I can't replicate this problem. I am not crashing at all. So I wonder if this is maybe more like a connection / latency issue?
    Does this happen any time you play? Or is it only happening in specific times like hot peek times?
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      Crashing middle of a game, at the near end and upon finishing it. I am entirely sure it's not the connection problem, rather the client side issue which could have occured during a patch. As mentioned in the post above, it has a 40% chance to crash the client. It mostly happened to me on fireteam mode and still does. Crashed a few minutes ago before I could finish the game. Try playing a few fireteam matches, only seems to happen in that mode.