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[Bug] Backpack clone in store ! Remove one !

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  • [Bug] Backpack clone in store ! Remove one !

    [Bug] Backpack clone in store !

    Bug type:
    ... bug

    Map(Specific map):
    Shop Menu

    Game mode(Specific mode):

    Always - 100%

    Operating System:


    There is a Backpack offered in the store 2 times although having the same stats and prices !

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Start Combat Arms
    2) Go to Main Menu
    3) Go to "Shop" Tab
    4) Go to "Gear" Tab
    5) Activate Filter "Backpack"
    6) You now see 2 Terrain Backpack 2S with identical Stats and prices.

    Solutuion: Remove one of them !

    This Backpack has grey color.
    If you are in the "Classic" Video mode, instead of Reloaded Video mode, This backpack appears black, due to the lighting.
    Please fix this as well, since its confusing to have bought a grey backpack and then see a black packpack everytime you are in gamemenu.
    While in Match, the backpack appears grey as it should be.

    Thanks for your dedication to this game. I am a 10 year veteran and I am very happy how you handle things.
    I have a ton of game quality of life improvemts to tell you that helps keep the players gaming. Ill post them soon.
    To bad there is no "Suggestions section on the forums"