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Bullets still not regestiring

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  • Bullets still not regestiring

    Bullets not registering in cabin fever. I am not sure if this is the case in PVP

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    We know that you are trying your best

    just to report that bullets are still not registering and frag grenade disapears when thrown .. sometimes 1 hit is enough to kill me (no HS ) and a whole large magazine (45 rounds)is not enough to kill enemy ..



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      Regarding the Hit Registration Bug

      Bug appearance:
      1. Shoot one of your weapons
      2. Switch to any other weapon without refilling the magazine.
      This bugs every used item after this "not refilled" weapon, including melee, pistole, medkit etc..

      How to avoid this bug until its fix:
      Make sure, that you are able to refill your weapon before switching to the other item. Especially before switching to items which have no remaining magazine to be refilled -> Minigun, Legion ...

      If still an item gets bugged:

      How to break the bug for most of the items:
      If you have a bugged weapon, refill the magazine with remaining ammo by pressing R. In most of the cases the bug can be broken at this way, except with items which can't be refilled like Minigun or Legion.
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          Well, do You really think I'll spent money anymore for a FPS where guns do NO damage?
          This is not Tetris online
          I play this game from 2009 but I've never (NEVER) seen a bug unfixed after one month (ONE MONTH).
          I don't say You are not trying to fix it, I simply say it is not fixed and playing is not worth the time.
          Would you play whit this bug?
          I spent money for minigun and now it is almost useless
          Thank You for the good game it was, but tomorrow I'll get a PS4 and will throw this nonsense out of the window
          It is sad, but if a game doesn't make fun it is not worth to be played
          I LOVED CA , really. But now it is over. Think of a car whitout it funny?
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