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Nasty Bug with the Explosive Crossbow

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  • Nasty Bug with the Explosive Crossbow

    this was brought to the attention of nexon a few times but nothing was done to fix it when you shoot the crossbow and pick up someone else's gun the detonator for the crossbow drops when someone picks up the detonator the game freezes to the point where the person that picked it up may have to restart their whole computer with a hard restart by holding the power button on the computer or even having to unplug it i love using my explosive crossbow but hate that it causes people to freeze even if you detonate the last arrow before picking up a gun with the spent crossbow in your hand it still happens cause the crossbow doesn't revert back to the crossbow it stays as its detonator would like to see this issue fixed and if a gm wants to contact me in game and see the bug for themselves i'd be glad to go into a locked room and show them the bug first hand

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    Greetings darkdesta

    May I ask that you create a recording of this bug in action and to create a proper bug report for this?
    You can edit or reply to this topic with a bug report.

    Additional information on how to create a proper bug report can be found here:
    [CA:R Official Staff & Mod List]
    [CA:C Official Staff & Mod List]
    Never give your password to anyone for any reason! VALOFE Members (GMs) and Moderators (FMs) will NEVER ask for your password.


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      hard to do this type of proof cause it's not me that crashes and recording someone not moving isn't exactly proof i'd have to get a gm to confirm it in a locked room or have a second account logged in at the same time on a different computer which doesn't fall in line with the game's ToS and i don't want to do anything against the ToS my IGN is ProudWolfAlone


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        we've recorded some footage of it and we''ve put it on a list of glitches which is shared with the moderators of Valofe. Thx for mentioning.