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Fireteam Door Bug

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  • Fireteam Door Bug

    Met some very "lovely" players today. Apparently fireteam doors, particularly the ones in Desert Thunder and Desert Fox and be glitched and forced shut permanent if someone deliberately suicides by them. The door still plays the opening sound when we press "E" but they don't actually open.

    I'm not sure if it's a hitbox issue or if the door is being blocked by a dead body registering as an object, but it renders the map impossible to continue. Perhaps maybe make dead bodies non-solid objects so that the doors won't mistake some player being there and the issue could be solved like that? Just my suggestion.

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    I also think that it is the dead body of a player who kill himself by closing the door which makes it lock
    The weapon does not make the player


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      You can fix this by using a Party Respawn Token, although it's not a permanent fix at least you don't need to leave the game.


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        Thing is not all of us have a Party Respawn, since it's not purchasable in the shop itself.