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    I do not understand why it gives me this error, obviously it happened after today's maintenance. I tried before to restart the PC and nothing, I uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing, I restarted it again but nothing, I do not know what to do, some FM or good soul user that helps me?

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    Hi, this means that you did not complete the gameguard update module. We suggest that you check your internet connection and ensure that when you login the GameGuard will fully patch and update.
    Combat Arms Operation Team


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      Ok, I have the exact same issue and nothing happens. I have Internet connection and the gameguard updates until it closes when it's done and the error opens up.

      EDIT: Ok my Antivirus has something against the new update.
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        it's not an internet problem because it's all right for me, here what's wrong is the gameguard program, solve this error please


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          hopefully someone can help.
          After i installed the patch, i tried to log in. So the game guard checks its things. All fine.
          But after its done, nothing happens and if i press enter the game closes completly.
          Also new: My Anti Virus programm is detecting a virus, which has not done it ever in 6 years of playing.

          Hopefully someone can help me. So close to GoA


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            Similar error. I get this error message and my antivir is blocking the GameGuard Host

            Than this message appears: and game freezes on Login.

            Also if i end my antivir the SAME message appears.

            EDIT: Only deleting Antivir helped. ****ing LoL. You seriously want me to go unprotected around the net to play your game?
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              Please make sure that you execlude VALOFEEU folder to your AV. Restart your PC after this and try to login again.