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  • Alpha Vs. Bravo

    ☆☆☆ Attention! ☆☆☆


    It’s Alpha Vs. Bravo time! Face off against our skilled GM’s and FM’s. Featuring:
    the “Operation: Bounty Hunt” where you can show of your skills by killing the opposing team with a Knife to get rewards depending on the GM’s you stab.


    50,000 GP


    - The bounty will be set through a roulette with the names of our GM’s and FM’s
    - A special match will likely appear during this event and if you get to win on this special matches then your GP will be doubled:

    • Hunted:
    - Top 5 winners will be crowned on this event and will also get their GP's Doubled.

    • Elimination:
    - The winning team will get their GP's Doubled.

    *Note: Players must be present until the end of the match.

    - Operation Bounty: Knife the GM & FM with bounty and get these rewards.

    #1: Permanent Weapon (GM’s choice)
    #2: 30,000 GP

    Hold on just a second there, Rangers!

    VALOFE Team would like to add some excitement on this event!

    You can decide who would you put a bounty on their head and be stabbed with a knife by:

    ○ Like and sharing this post and stating the GM's name.
    ○ Comment the name of the GM or FM you wanted to get stabbed with a knife in-game.

    *Note: Players must still win the event for them to get the said rewards.

    - The event will be on these respective time: 13:00 CET / 4:00 PST / 12:00 UTC


    - If the team of the players loses, they will not get any of the rewards.
    - Only one round will be given to players or teams for them to get the permanent item.
    - Player’s that will remain in-game until the last round will win the rewards
    - Follow the GM’s instruction on this event
    - Players can only participate once
    - Players who will receive two warnings will not get the rewards
    - Do not harass the GM’s or other players in-game.
    - GM will Spectate the match.
    - Read and abide all the mechanics and rules
    - Anyone caught using an illegal software will be out of the event and will also be subjected to be banned.

    - By joining this event and becoming a participant signifies that you automatically agree to all our terms and conditions.

    - The decision of the GM is final and indisputable and we have the right to change any part of the mechanics including the prizes as we deem fit without prior notice.

    *** Reward will be sent 7 days after the announcement of winners. ***
    Combat Arms Operation Team