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  • Nightmare Official Launch

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    Code: Red!

    Code: Red!

    Containment systems destroyed! All non-combat personnel are to evacuate!
    Rangers! Terminate with extreme prejudice! Let’s not give this monstrosity one step further! It might be tough but you’re tougher!


    The Nightmare mode is now fully launched. We’d like to thank those that gave us the very valuable data needed to further improve the game mode and now that it is out of the Beta. We made the Nightmare game mode more interesting. Here is the list of the changes and improvements added for the launch of the Nightmare.

    a. All Records and Boss levels in the beta period have been reset.
    b. Nightmare boss level is raised to a maximum of 60.
    c. Nightmare Level Up Rewards have been added.
    (You will receive a reward when the level of the Nightmare room that the player can create increases.)
    d. Nightmare personal records have been added.
    e. Nightmare achievements have been added.
    f. 100% EXP/GP will be added to Nightmare event.

    With the official launch of the Nightmare, we’re kicking it to high gear and see who amongst the best can pummel and pelt the Nightmare Boss the most.

    Priority: Subject X – Nightmare Boss Beatdown
    Event Period: 12.30~1.27


    Orders are in! All Rangers are to participate in a friendly competition to see who can deal the most damage to the current Nightmare Boss: Subject X. Show him who’s the boss around these parts and beat everybody else to the top of the leaderboards.

    [Mechanics Overview]
    • Rankings will be categorized for daily attempts and overall event period attempts.
    • Rewards will be distributed daily for those in Daily Rankings, while additional rewards will be given to those that made it to the Overall Rankings Board. Their rewards will be handed out at the end of the event period.
    • Please note that the level of the Boss you fought has an effect to the damage dealt.
    Combat Arms Operation Team