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    ENTRY 1

    Date: February 17 20XX

    It’s been 2 years since they locked me up and force me to make weapons for them but I never have imagined that I will get a hold of the item they are showing me now. “A Crystal fragment from a god you say?” a question that has come out of my mouth as I held the glass box with a fragment that shines golden inside.

    You can feel the vibration of the object inside as i held unto the box. The power it creates with such a tiny crystal fragment is overwhelming as I put my hands on it’s glass case. A power this potent could have been a danger to be in the hands of this people, let alone making a weapon for them to use this.

    Before they close the door I heard a tiny shuffle in the corner, I looked around I saw a little girl and she is looking at me. Maybe one of the projects in training as I thought. “What’s your name?” I called. She cowers in the corner “Project 001.” ‘ah, the first one.’ so I thought. “do you want to see it closely?” I asked. And she slowly nods.

    “W-What is this?” she asked. I smiled and let her touch the box so she can feel the power of this tiny fragment. “This is from a god. The power you feel is what’s left from a very powerful object that belongs to this god.”

    “What are you going to do with that?” she asked. I looked at her and smile “I’m going to make weapons for you to use.”

    “me?” she exclaimed, I laugh a little “Of course they are training you project 001 to use high powered weapon for combat right?” she nods slowly.

    “Now while you’re at it, why don’t you help me look into this item. So I can design a weapon that you like...”

    She smiled and nods.

    I looked into the crystal fragment in the box, a well trained assassin with a high powered weapon.

    ENTTRY 2

    Date: February 20 20XX

    The girl is here again, after training she’s been going here to help me with this weapon. I looked at her and I see bruises on her face “from training?” I asked

    She nods and sigh “can I help today?”

    “sure, you can help me and get the materials I need to make this..” I stopped questioning her about the bruises, I know that they trained kids here to fight with the war they have made.

    “are we the bad people?” she suddenly asked. As I stopped what I'm doing and looked at her.

    “In this war, there’s no good and bad, but sacrifices this people will take to win this.” I went back to what im doing “in this war you remember who you are and what you are fighting for not what they want you to do.”

    We worked in silence after that, “project 001, get that... what’s your name? I cant keep calling you project 001”

    She looked down “they took them away from me, I no longer have a name.”

    I pet her head and smiles “Your name is kuina, for now on you have a name. Remember who you are.”

    A kid who was taken away from her normal life and forced to have a life like this, she needs a name, she needs a human feeling. And I hope she wont end up what this war wants them to be.

    Holding this crystal fragment I can feel the power this people have, and how many innocent soldiers it will take.

    “why kuina?” she asked

    “I have a fond of birds, a kuina is a water rail, Although usually shy they can become confident

    …. but are still far more often heard than seen.”

    ENTTRY 3

    Date: February 20XX

    “I want you to promise our safety” as I held unto the secret phone that I have, “Our safety and I will give you the address and the weapon.”

    “Yes, that’s the plan doc.” the woman that’s called “Black Rose” responded. “Now give us the address and our negotiation is finished.”

    I’ve been a secret informer of the New World. A secret spy has given me the phone to contact them. Since I met Kuina, I have been doing all of this to make sure she lives a normal life again.

    I smiled as I looked at kuina “we’re going to see the world.” I whispered.

    “Are we getting out of here?” She asked as I put the last piece of the weapon I am making.

    “Yes, and you have to keep quiet about that.” I whispered. “they are watching us, as I point out the cameras. “I know someone will save us, this group of people called New World, they will surely save us, believe that.”

    “are they good?” she asked.

    I smiled at her “I hope so, I hope they don’t use people as pawns in this war.”

    I held the weapon and give it to her

    “you try it..” she smiled as she held the weapon but suddenly we heard a crash...

    “We’re saved!”

    -Third person's POV-

    The scientist and Kuina went and hide inside the laboratory as they waited for the one that will save them. “You wait here I'm going to look for them.” Kuina nods as the scientist left the laboratory.

    She waited and waited for the scientist to get back. She just hid under the scientist’s table. As the door suddenly opens up, she was about to look but it was strangers wearing futuristic armor. With the logo ‘NW / Aster’ in it, “New World.” she whispered, are they going to save them? Will they be able to be free?

    “Where is the weapon?” one of the NW soldier said.

    “Are we going to be saved? I just have to...” he was interrupted with the gun being smashed into his stomach.

    “Where. Is. The. Weapon?” the soldier asked as they rummaged through the scientist’s laboratory, the scientist points at a secured box.

    They went there and asked “what is the password.”

    “This is not the plan, we go out of here and when we are safe I am going to open them for you.” the scientist exclaimed.

    They smashed the gun again to his stomach and Kuina gets out of where she is hiding and ran towards the scientist

    “NO KUINA!”

    But the aster soldier got kuina and restrain her. “Give us the password.”

    “please get us out here, and please don’t hurt her. Please don’t hurt her, let her go.”

    The Aster soldier puts a gun towards kuina “What is the password doc?...”

    “Please don’t hurt her, please let her go and I will give you the password.” the scientist cried for them “Please, let her go.”

    Then he calmed down “The password is *********” the aster soldiers went to the box and let kuina go.

    Kuina went to the scientist to help him “Kuina, you run.”

    “No” she exclaimed.

    “you run, never look back. Just run and I’ll follow.” he said to her


    He pushed her as she runs faster ….

    As she rans she heard a loud gun shots, she closed her eyes and look back, in a blurry gaze she saw them shooting the scientist and she ran faster... Until a loud boom impacts her and she lost her consciousness.



    Dear Kuina,

    While reading this I hope you are back with your family and living the normal live you deserve. I want you to remember everything that we had and to always remember to fight for what is right,

    Do not be driven by revenge for what they did to you, I am here to make sure you don’t go back to them. Revenge will not mend the war, it will only produce more gas to fire it all up.

    You are not a bad person, kuina.. The War is.

    They made you a pawn to train and made you believe you need to fight for them. Everyone is bad, everyone has done bad things, but it is not too late to do better.

    We can be better kuina, Remember who you are.

    Combat Arms Operation Team