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  • The Final Test

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    “The final test for Cyber Soldier ‘Aster’ is about to begin.” the AI voice said through the hidden speakers.

    I went to form in a line with other aster students that I am with, this is the final test and passing this will make me an official Aster Soldier and making my late grandfather proud.

    My Grandfather was the head scientist of the weapon manufacturer Nemexis before it was taken down. He made the powerful weapons that only the people who can wield the power, can use it.

    As we wait for the final test there are aster soldiers preparing an unbelievable weapon where you can feel the power even from a far. This must be it, the weapon where my grandfather made only for the people who deserves it.

    Commander Black Rose step up and looked at us, she’s the commander of the asters and I looked up to her.

    “Here’s a weapon that only a few people can wield, if you have the power of an aster you can use this weapons, but if you tried and you failed you may die in the process. So if you have the guts to wield the power, come forward! And if you are too scared to try, you can go now and live the years not knowing your full potential.” as Commander Black Rose said that she walked in the side and I looked around as I am the first one to step forward.

    I am scared however I can do this, my grandfather has told me that I am worthy. And I will believe in him. A handful of students backs out, and a few moves forward.

    “Let the final test commence asters.” the AI said

    One steps forward and held the one of the gun with a strange markings on it and a card in front. He held the gun and used it, however a gasp was heard through all of the students when the student in front drop dead, with white pupils in his eyes as black markings enveloped his arms.

    Most of the student was taken a back however they stood still, as the body was taken out with a bag they called the next one. She's determined looking, one of the top students in the class. She held a blue gun and the card with a symbol of a tower on it. She used the gun and surpass the power as in front of our eyes her hands broke in half.

    A scream and cry was heard and she fell down with a bloody hand.

    Everyone is silent as she screams in pain, I was next, my hands are shaking and cold sweat has come out of my body.

    “Next” one of the Asters said. As I went in front and gently touch the necklace charm that my grandfather gave me.

    I looked at the gun in front of me, the card has a skull on it... death.

    I held unto the gun and I can instantly feel the power of it. I was taken a back with the power it held, I was nervous but I can feel my grandfather’s weapons, and I believe that I can.

    Nervous but brave, I shot the gun.

    The power flows through my arm but I held it, I held it still. After the gun was shot, I feel the power of it.

    I looked at my arms and I pat on my chest “im alive.” I whispered.

    Everyone was stunned and commander black rose nods at me.

    “This gun chooses who they want to be used, you surpass the power of faith. Congratulations, Aster. ”

    I held up high, I know my grandfather will be proud.

    One aster made me choose with 3 cards as they held it in front of me...

    I picked one and looked at the card they gave me.

    “ Congratulations, Aster.

    Welcome to Aster of Death.”
    Combat Arms Operation Team