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New Security Software (Hack Shield)

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  • New Security Software (Hack Shield)

    - Announcement -

    Last March 28 Combat Arms Reloaded replaced their security program. The old XIGNCODE has been replaced now by nProtect (GameGuard). To ensure our users game experience, we would like to ask the community or users who are experiencing any problem related to the new hack shield such as login issue, game launching issue, Installation issue & etc, please do contact us immediately so that we can assist you in fixing those issue.

    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    I did indeed experience some problems in regards to your new security program:

    it doesn't seem to work very well. I'm usually not the one to complain about being killed by an M32 variant but c'mon. I do like the name tho but there are some things were you shouldn't buy low quallity just because it's the cheapest thing availabe, servers are one of these things and the ani cheat program falls into the same category.


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      in my pc works well, the bad thing is that it fills the combat arms of more hacker


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        Major issues with new game guard. wont let me get to loading screen and crashes the game


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          my issue is it wont let me log in been playing this game since it first started am very disappointed that more changes to lvl the playing field eg ppl like my self in Australia have our arses handed to us just because of bad ping or the weapons still over powered or just giving shooters to much assist