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Combat Arms Reloaded - Known Issue

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  • Combat Arms Reloaded - Known Issue

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    As we release the Combat Arms Reloaded on Steam, some bugs occur and currently being fixed by our team.

    This is all our known issue that we are currently handling.

    Add Friend Function
    - Steam Players can't add friends for the mean time.

    Add Clan Member on Squad
    - Steam Players can't add friends for the mean time.

    Clan Chat Function
    - Clan Chat Function is currently not working but we're working on it.

    Some Account Cannot Access The Game
    - Not everyone have this kind of issue but we are still checking on it to avoid this kind of issue.

    Inventory Item Missing
    - Some of the players is reporting that their items is missing but it can be resolved by relogging in. We are also fixing this issue to avoid relogging in.

    WWII Helmet Game Crash Issue
    - Some players who got the WWII Cosmetics Reward is getting disconnected and the game will crash when they are clicking the WWII Helmet. We are working on it and will fixed it.

    Country Code Change Issue
    - An error will occur when you change your Country Flag. We already fixed this issue and you will be able to change your flag.

    If there's any issue or bugs that we are not yet aware, please do inform us immediately so that we can fixed that issue.

    Thank you for your unwavering support for Combat Arms: Reloaded!
    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    When do you think we will be able to finish a game without getting kicked off the server?


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