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  • Developer's Briefing #11

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    Greetings to our Combat Arms Rangers!

    This is the development team leader of Combat Arms: Reloaded.

    First of all, let me answer your feedback about the previous briefing.
    About the M32, we will release M32 stun grenade and M32 Incendiary Bomb also with normal M32.

    Currently, the Minigun can be acquired from Basic / Advanced / Premium Weapon Mystery Box.
    Also, I know there are some users who have a negative reaction about the Auto Turret addition.

    We would like to share that we have added the EMP bomb that checkable Auto Turret, so we will continue to monitor trends since launch.
    In 27 days’ patch, we have added an Auto Turret, EMP bomb and Explosive crossbow that I mentioned in the previous briefing.
    Some users know that, if an Auto Turret is installed, it will automatically attack enemies if they are within a certain radius, until the magazine is exhausted.

    The EMP bomb that makes head against the Auto Turret is a bomb that does not damage life, but instead has a powerful effect on the installation.
    The radius of influence is very wide that it is not blocked only by obstacles, it will easily destroy Auto Turret outside the attack radius of Auto Turret.

    Finally, the Explosive crossbow is a weapon that fires a bomb-like arrow, which can be exploded by blowing an arrow on a hit object or terrain, causing damage to nearby areas.
    If you hit an arrow at the main passage, a door, or an opponent, and blow it at the right moment, it can cause a great deal of damage.

    I hope to be more fun through various strategies by a special item added at this time.
    Now we are developing the system that can additionally tune the item performance limited by the grade.

    The system will expand the performance of the permanent items, it will be used the same permanent items to improve the performance of existing items.
    Target items are weapons and gear. It is expected that the proportion of gear items will be relatively higher than those of existing ones.
    Attributes that are increased by tuning will be added on the existing properties of the item such as ‘Penetration’.

    We are doing our best to apply it to the patch at the end of March. Please look forward to it.
    We will always strive to do our best in order to bring a better game experience for everyone.

    Thank you.

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    Originally posted by vTomatoes View Post
    About the M32, we will release M32 stun grenade and M32 Incendiary Bomb also with normal M32.
    This has me both excited and worried at the same time. It's the one former specialist weapon (aside from the medikits) which I actually want to see reintroduced as a permanent addition to the shop and not some RNG box content or GC exclusive (I don't care if you introduce an epic or legendary variant through other means later on, I'm solely talking about the regular version here) as this Item actually helps with many problems which are curently plaugeing the game first and formost the turret issue (OMA is almost unplayable right now because of this and this comes from someone who didn't mind people using pre nerf Max's / Orthus back then). I know you guys have introduced the EMP bomb just for this but let's be honest, no one uses it because it does not offer any utility outside of this very niche task.

    While I'm disappointed that that items like the Flamethrower and the MINIGUN are locked behind an RNG wall neither of them has even remotely the utility the M32 brings to the table (note: it's not "OP" at what it's doing, the M32 just has a niche no other gun (aside from the M136 Rocket Launcher) can fill). If you guys are serious about improving the game then don't waste this opportunity on a quick buck, especially given the fact that you can always just add an "improved" version later on for the same effect.

    On an unrelated note: are you planning to add the regular Dual Skorpions to the shop? This item has been removed for "rebalancing" but it's still missing from the shop even long after it has been nerfed to the ground.
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